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  1. Loving Taoism

    I want to Thank everyone for the great wishes. Since I have discovered Taoism things have been better for me. It has made me an advocate for Taoism. I'm even trying to My point is that my life may not be going so well if I hadn't let a lot of life that got me down go, and proceed with what makes me Happy. Taobums has been a great way to talk to people that has the same kind of ideas I have and giving me things to think on. Thanks Taobums....
  2. Loving Taoism

    Also have to thank Study Toaism, my boyfriend Spiraltao and zerostao, for my progress
  3. Loving Taoism

    Thank you Manitou. It has improved every aspect in my life. My mind has become so much clearer, and my Bagua has improved. Taoism is what i wake up to and go to sleep with. believing that we have control of our own life. It is an every ending circle. continues with or with out. I believe that all things are based on everyone else. I believe in getting to living in a world free of conflict.
  4. Loving Taoism

    Too sweet Spiraltao.......
  5. Loving Taoism

    My New Years resolution which I never make but decided that this year I would see clarity and happiness in my life this year. I wasn't thinking it would be Taoism, but it has changed my life. understanding the past and welcoming the today I live in.
  6. Bagua and Taoism

    Thanks to the folks from Tao Bums for welcoming me to the forum. To answer Azad's question I am now mainly circle walking and working on Heaven single palm changes from the DGS and Ng family. I try to fit these in daily. Right now my main attention is on Taoism. Spending as much time understanding and taking in all the info I can. I am glad to say it has already gave me much enlightenment and it has even improved my Bagua.
  7. Bagua and Taoism

    Hello I am new to the forum. Spiral Tao's girlfriend and he is also helping teach me Bagua. Any and all comments are welcome, because I am sure I will have lots of ?'s Thanks to all
  8. Introduction

    Hello, I am Jaysahntaoz' woman, Kim. I am very interested in learning the ways of the tao. HELLO AlL!
  9. New Member

    Hi I am Blue Moon Taoist. I have joined this forum hopefully to get answer to a lot of questions