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  1. Lets start a trend

    Ayt, will do thanks
  2. Lets start a trend

    Hey guys, it's been a while...I had a struck of genuis a while back and was hoping you guys could help me. Who's up for starting a trend? Like planking, only with meditation. I think this can open the world's eyes to meditation, because I think that a majority of people would meditate, but just that society never talks about meditation, it's not exactly out there in the open on a billboard at every let's raise awareness about meditation, so if your with me: take pics of yourselves meditating and spread them all over the internet
  3. We are the master of our emotions

    Pain bodies? Whats that? You may be right crunchy, because I'm starting to think it's completely open to self-interpretations, I mean I can't tell you how best to handle your emotions...I like what your saying sontsan
  4. We are the master of our emotions

    Well maybe we can't completely control our emotions...but we can atleast control what affects us, in the sense that. Consciously desiring something (basically praying) makes it manifest in your life right? So technically we're in whatever situation we want and I just think that we don't consider that too often. Maybe we can't control the outcome (our emotions), but we can atleast control the events that shape the outcome...and I agree on that we love sadness or anger. Maybe more subconsciously than consciously. When you think about it, movies and hollywood sort of glorify negative emotions, e.g: angry/depressed superheros, heart brake to be followed by true love and if everyone on the planet turned around and developed a positive attitude and why don't we? Because we seem to get a warm fuzzy feeling inside from the pain
  5. We are the master of our emotions

    So why do we choose to be sad? It seems to me like the world enjoys being miserable and confused, what's up with that? And when last did you consciously decide to be happy?
  6. A question for the ages

    :? I see, does a binding spell count as good for others? (A binding spell is a spell that stops a specific person from harming you)
  7. The meridians?

    Ughm I think I'd rather go get a professional accupuncture treatement then do it myself, I don't think I could stick myself with needles, plus my neck is sensitive, I just hate being touched on the neck, it get's me jumpy...thanks guys, I'll do meditations and the microcosmic orbit and such...which reminds me, whenever I do the microcosmic orbit, my chi won't go straight up my back, it alternates paths by the middle dantien and instead of going like a circle around me, it follows this '8' path.
  8. The meridians?

    Hey guys, do you know how I could open my meridian channels myself? Oh and I'm new to this, so please don't make your responses too technical
  9. A question for the ages

    Hey Tao bums, it's been a while...I've gotten into magick and a lot of spell instructions say, I couldn't help but wonder, what is beilief? What does it mean to beilieve? What are the characteristics?
  10. Let's Talk About Afterlife

    I'm betting on ending up in the astral planes...and I think I'll stay the same me but maybe remember all my past lives
  11. Center of chi in the human body

    I actually kinda thought it was the general, work your way up to the top, type of thing, but I'm glad I know the workings now, thanks
  12. The first world still happening

    I guess it all sort of goes back to yin and yang...there is no 'right' or 'wrong', just perception. Quiet frankly, I prefer not being a christian, it just wasn't for me and I've been doing research on it because a friend of mine (who is athiest I think, and has left religion) told me that the best way to leave my religion, is to found out the truth about it...I guess the more I know, the more satisfied I am with my choice and I have to say, I'm very satisfied, I just don't like the idea of being trapped or controlled. Thanks for the advice guys, I'll stick to doing my thing
  13. Center of chi in the human body

    Ok I just googled what a barycenter is, thank you I now understand it I'll get to work on my dantians
  14. The first world still happening

    So what your saying dmattwads, is that it was just used to "keep the power"...I read something about popes making deals with Grays, money and power for human souls. Is that anyhow true? Thanks fulllotus, I'll check it out. Maybe I should specify, h....why is the bible bad (full of contradictions, tells us we are worthless without "God" and barely ever focuses on the human soul)
  15. Center of chi in the human body

    So are the dantians the 1st, 4th and 6th chakras?