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  1. This has been on my mind for a couple weeks now.. In Kriya and kundalini yoga there is emphasis on concentration within the spinal cord and its chakra trigger points as they are called. The actual vortex of energy is called a kshetram. This is a bit backwards because kshetram litterally means place. The chakra is the wheel, so the vortex of energy should be the chakra. So what has been more effective for you guys? Concentrating on the kshetram or the chakra trigger point in the spine?
  2. If you hold your hand of infront of you, and feel the prana in it. you will notice that the feeling is a like a field. Here is my theory to explain this: As you know, the blood has iron in it, aswell electrolytes. The blood vessels hold the Iron, and the fluids that carry them are conductive because of the electrolytes. when the brain sends a signal to a part of the body, the blood vessels magnetic poles will become more active and create a field of buzzing electrons. This would explain why there is Yin and Yang chi! (using salt as an example) positive charged anons of Hydrogen, and negative charged Cations of Chlorine. The distance between a positive charge and negative charge has an atraction, they want to be together. Same with the repulsion, the electrons repulse eachother. Idk if Protons would repel eachother or not though. . if you put a charge of electrons thru the blood, the poles in the blood (Iron in blood vessels, they will want to alinged and vibrate in synchronis. but the poles will repel eachother at the same time. Making them go buzzurk, wich will result in a field of kinetic and electric activity. Plus theres the atracction of Protons wanting electrons. Our bodies have evolved to the point where we can feel this field and make it stronger. Soo if my theory is correct. we can evlolve super powers. Anyone have any thoughts about this?
  3. Sup people ^_^

    This place seems very chill, members know their information and have experience. Im novice with these meditations and energies. With noone who knows anything about anything to talk to I decided to join this forum. Ive recently been experiementing with the fields of energy the body can make (the aura). I can move smal objects like papers clips and such and am feeling the kundalini energy. Im apprehensive about messing with these energies too much without any second opinions. Soo yeah, whats good people