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  1. Hello folks

    Thanks thelerner He is unfortunately a bit too far away as it would take more than a days driving to get there from Sydney. A plane trip would be possible ..
  2. Hello folks

    Hello? ok, I will just say "hi" to myself :,(
  3. Hello folks

    My interests are not limited of course to the above. I am interested in learning anything to do with Chi and really am a beginner in this but feel that I seem to have some degree of natural potential here that I should develop. I need an accomplished teacher - one I can meet and practice with in person. In regards to religion I am quite open minded and don't believe in there being just one "true religion". To me it is a journey of personal growth. I am content reading Buddhist texts, Christian texts (including Apocryphal stuff), Hindu books like the Bhagavad Gita, Taoist texts, etc. If I had a book on Suffism I would happily read that too
  4. Hello folks

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum and have not posted before. About me: * Meditate regularly * I organise meditation sessions * Practice Tai Chi. The "internal" stuff too and not just the form. Still a beginner My interests: * Qigong. I can feel some chi but I feel so clueless. Any good teachers in Sydney / Canberra? * Saw those videos on John Chang and was awe struck - interested in Mo Pai. Maybe that school is a dead end though? None of his students seem to get very far in the practice..?? * Biofeedback * Lucid dreams Zarkers