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  1. Builders of the Adytum

    I wonder if you might say more about the FLO.
  2. Thanks. Found an ART practitioner in Flagstaff where my mom is at the moment. She has made an appt.
  3. Would be interested in recommendations of anyone you think could help with this. Thanks.
  4. no...she is actually ok as far as weight goes....75 and very physically active.....did have back surgery in about 1988.
  5. My mother is having serious problems with Sciatica pain that conventional medicine is not having much effect upon. Does anyone have any recommendations for good practictioners of acupuncture/tcm/medical qigong in Arizona who might be able to help her?
  6. Yadi Alamin - The Qigong Therapist

    Yes, I've watched his youtube videos and read his pages. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I'm no longer interested in what he has to offer. Better to go to the more experienced sources from which he studied like Gary Clyman and Richard Clear.
  7. I've been practicing Gary Clyman's Tidal Wave Chi Kung for a while. I like it but I'd like to add a more medically based practice. I am pondering either getting the first two Flying Phoenix DVDs or Ted Mancuso's "Blossoms in the Spring". I like that the "Blossoms in the Spring" practice appears to be fairly short and self contained but I haven't heard too much about it. People seem very happy with Flying Phoenix but it is much larger and could turn into a much longer practice. Any thoughts on either of these as a complement to Clyman's system?
  8. The Gift of Tao - Ya Mu's DVD

    How much space do you need to practice these movements? Thanks.
  9. Anyone have any knowledge as to skills or integrity of this particular teacher? He advertises some intriguing looking courses on ebay. Curious if anyond has had any experience eith him.
  10. KAP vs Hoshin Tao chikung

    I am pondering Jon Mumford's Om Kara Kriya course. Looks like it could be a good guided path to Kundalini and he has some good lineage connections.
  11. Hello Fellow Tao Bums

    Curious if you can say more about Big Wave Kung Fu. Thanks
  12. Gary Clyman's Big Wave Kung Fu

    I've got Gary's Tidal Wave Chi Kung system. Can anyone talk about the Big Wave Kung Fu? It looks like it could be a good addition to the Chi Kung system. Thanks