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  1. Bum Creations

    Love the brush work trunk
  2. To not impose your will

    Not imposing your will on others can be difficult especially when others request that you do. Being asked your opinion, desire, thoughts or even instructions then trying to answer without extending your personal will can be a challenge.
  3. Peace, love and joy

    I always find sympathetic ears help friends out a lot. That with the hug and your own aura of happy friendly joyful loving energy does wonders for friends happiness from what I've seen.
  4. something borrowed, something blue

    Well think of the doctors entrance as the birth of the golden fetus its a stretch but the symbolism could work
  5. Bum Creations

    That's why your so much better with words then I am.
  6. something borrowed, something blue

    Couldn't resist Welcome to the group, I look forward to reading what you have to add.
  7. Silence is bliss

    You'd hear it if it was a sonic rainboom
  8. Silence is bliss
  9. Bum Creations

    I'll start us off by posting one of my older sculptures This is my buddha Buddhabot
  10. Bum Creations

    A thread to share creative crafts, be they pen, paint, poem, sculpture or anything really. They don't need to be relevant, nor do they need to pertain to Taoism Just please post only your own art.
  11. Deep Bow

    Any separation from the Tao is an illusion that's an important one to remember Although the notion of importance and non importantance is a duality.
  12. I second this, but mainly because I want an excuse to vainly post a few paintings
  13. Deep Bow

    but that doesn't mean the ugliness doesn't have its place the duality is an illusion but it has its place too Just like all other illusions