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    Now I'm interested. I will search for that video...
  2. hello and thank you

    Thank you!
  3. hello and thank you

    I am really happy that Taoism does that. It is non discriminatory (or it's supposed to be...). Love it. I have read many of those books! Good choices. I like introductory books on the topic the most. Another good one would be "From Tao to Psychology". It kind of expands our search for references about Taoism. In other topic, I have to start appreciating tea. I don't know why, but I always find it kind of bitter. Is it an acquired taste?
  4. Webomicssss

    I applaud this thread. Although, you remind me of Lord of the Ring's Gollum, talking by yourself. Hehe, just a joke. I was wondering how come there aren't replies. Do I have to post a comic in this reply? If so, sorry! :s
  5. Young Girl knowing some Tao

    Thanks A Seeker. I'll be careful. Hi to you too, james lien. I read some of the stuff in the website. I saw some of the things that I read in the book "From Tao to Psyhcology"!! I'm talking about the false opposition between science and spirituality, or the one between logical thinking and religion.
  6. Young Girl knowing some Tao

    Good! I would call it a cool Taoist book! It's very balanced, by which I mean that it is an introduction, but it also goes beyond that because of its "academic" side. Plus, it covers topics such as mind-body, reason and emotions, and knowledge, and the author is very careful with his choice of Taoist texts. Anyway, I sound like a groupie now, hehe. It's just that it really inspired me to search more about this. I want to check that book called Hardcore Zen. It sounds interesting!
  7. Young Girl knowing some Tao

    Hello everybody!! I just read a book titled "From Tao to Psychology: An Introduction to the Bridge Between East and West"*and now I'm hooked with Taoism!! I'm a total newbie here, so nice to meet all of you who read me! I bought the book because it says that it is an Introduction to the topic (although it goes beyond that sometimes...) and now that I have been introduced, what can I read??? The author said that it's important that you check for translations because not every Tao Te Ching is the same, and that there are bad ones out there (he did not say the word "bad"... just to be careful hehehe). Which other books should I start with!? Anyways, again, nice to meet you and I look forward to some replies!! Btw, my name is Claire! *Bought the book here (http://bookstore.xlibris.com/Products/SKU-0108353049/From-Tao-To-Psychology.aspx)in case you're wondering because of free shipping for the time being (yay!!) but I also saw it on Amazon... I sound like I am promoting this a lot, but yeah, it is a great book and it changed my views in life and now Taoism rules and it led me here to meet all of you! <__<