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  1. Anyone been to see Mother Meera?

    Sorry, thought that the links were in my post. Here is the schedule and signup:
  2. Anyone been to see Mother Meera?

    Signed up and planned out a trip for the last tour, but it was unexpectedly cancelled. Just got email today for the new tour dates. Not sure if they will happen but here they are: San Francisco, CA Tues – Wed, January 21 – 22 – 10:00 am and 1:30 pm Honolulu, HI Fri – Sat, January 24 – 25 – 10:00 am and 1:30 pm Los Angeles, CA Mon - Tues, January 27 – 28 – 10:00 am and 1:30 pm San Diego, CA Wed, January 29 – 10:00 am and 1:30 pm Austin, TX Fri – Sat, January 31 – February 1 – 10:00 am and 1:30 pm Tampa, FL Mon, February 3 – 10:00 am and 1:30 pm Fort Lauderdale, FL Tues, February 4 – 10:00 am and 1:30 pm
  3. Which he found out by researching on AYP. Yeah he seems intelligent and I am sure he has a lot of insight. That is almost the exact reason why I was not impressed by the Kechari video, there is no real insight that he gives into the actual mudra! I think you are confused at what I was stating, got offended and this turned into more of an argument. Allow me to apologize, or better yet just clear up what I was trying to convey originally. I made my post because I didn't want other TTB members to spend 11 minutes if they already knew most of the basics of Kechari. He really just tells the etymology of it, then tells the physical thing that happens ("tongue goes up above palate into the cavity behind the nose") , gives a very rudimentary description of how it's done, quickly describes amrita, bindu chakra, shaktichalana and kudalini, then talks about how people on AYP cut the frenulum. There is a little he mentions Kechari and human hibernation and Gene Simmons, but that is all. I honestly think that you could learn twice as much about Kechari from typing "Kechari" into the search box on this site. If you know nothing of Kechari and wish to hear some of the basics this is an alright video. But he offers no valuable personal insight, anecdotes or personal observation. For an oxford scholar and initiated mahant I really wish he would have added more than just a pretty basic rundown of Kechari.
  4. I wouldn't say that topics discussed on this forum are bullshit. If you think that way why would you even participate here? Also a lot of resources point to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, would you call that bullshit? I agree with you to a short extent. I always conduct further research on many topics I read on the internet and encourage everyone to do the same. The main reason I would disagree with your last post is that you are claiming he is a reliable and authentic source... but he himself even claims in the video himself that some of his research came from AYP!
  5. Didn't watch the first video but the one on Kechari is very basic and plain. He just tells the etymology of the name and physically what Kechari is. You could learn 2-3 times as much about Kechari by searching TTB, AYP (which he mentions in the video), or google for 11 minutes instead of watching this video. I guess it is good though if you want to know about Kechari but don't know how to read or use google?
  6. Amazing post, thanks! Here is a picture of my hiking partner in return for your help! It was a very different experience. I have had many other unusual experiences in my life so this wasn't out of the ordinary, but it felt very powerful. A type of energy that felt very strong indeed! Thanks again for your post!
  7. I have done some searching and feel fairly well versed in many areas of Taoist alchemy, but something odd has happened and I would really like some insight from other members here. I was walking a few days ago and I often will do active exercises and walking meditations. I tried a different hand mudra with my left hand near my LDT when instantly my hand went into a perfect feeling mudra that was almost like a grip, and it felt exactly as if I was holding a pot handle and felt like the pot was my LDT. It felt magnetic is the only way I can really describe it. It was almost like I was wearing a skin tight glove made of a strong magnet that just instantly and strongly "snapped" into position. I could move it if/when I wanted, but it would go right back into the same position when I put intent into achieving it again. I have had spontaneous mudras before many times, starting when I was in my early teens. I have even woke up from sleep with my hands in different mudras, but this was much different and odd. I actually truly felt like I was holding a pot! Background info: This happened on a trail I frequent often. It is a 20 mile stretch of the Colorado Trail that I do different sections of with my husky usually 3 times a week. I give and get great energy from the flora and communicate with the plants and animals often. I have been caught in a wild Colorado winter storm there once before that the vast majority if Americans would not have survived. This trail I was walking on is very special and unique to me.
  8. My Dantien is < 2% full

    Is there anything specific you are trying to clear up or would like to ask, are you trying to increase your post count, are you just bored or why are you going around bumping all these old threads?
  9. Coconut oil is one of the best things ever. I have talked about it here before. I use it literally everyday. For cooking, on my skin, in my hair, in my mouth, ect. I would highly suggest everyone start using it, best Medium Chain Triglyceride ever! Like this image states, get at least expellar pressed preferably cold pressed, organic, virgin (extra-virgin not necessary), oil that has not been refined.
  10. Any javascript masters here?

    Ok, might be able to tweak this script: Kinda busy tonight, I will try to make some time to work on it the next few days.
  11. Any javascript masters here?

    I can do something like this in my off time. Might take me a week or two if I am busy but I can do it for free. Not really that hard at all, especially since it is using IP Board and not custom proprietary coding. What browser are you using?
  12. Me personally? As far as during meditation or other types of similar practice probably only upper 90's on occasion. I have, however, used these techniques to keep cool during my regular activities many days 100-110°F+ while living in California and Arizona. Everyone is different, if they do not work for you then that is not really unbelievable, however it has definitely helped me out and I am happy to help Ken find a balance to his practice.
  13. Yeah I mean the techniques described should definitely help. They have helped me, others I know personally, and countless Yogi/yoginis for many years. It works. Sorry that some may disagree, but it is the truth. Ken, I am glad this works for you. With some time and a little practice you should really be able to cool off very quickly!
  14. Try it along with Jal Vardhak, Shankha, or Surabhi mudra, they work very well together and will cool you down very quickly and effectively!
  15. You will have to get fairly deep into Tummo. I personally would just recommend Shitali pranayama. I typically incorporate 1hr minimum per day of different pranayamas and hardly need to do Shitali, but it works very well, especially coupled with a few other bandhas and mudras.