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  2. Brought by dreams from my youth and a recent exp.

    Interesting dreams. I hope you continue to treasure them. Dreams are special. I had some "strange' experience too when I was younger. I don't talk much about them for fear of getting committed to some nameless asylum. I am much older than you. I have used my small experience as guidepost for my life. Anyway, nice to meet another 'dreamer'.
  3. nude-bee

    What a fine intro. I am a newbie too and I like you already! Look forward to reading more from you.
  4. Running away from the News outlets

    Hello back and thanks. Come to think of it, I might want to tread a little lightly on "meaningful". Meanings sometimes scare me. They can make it hard to breathe.
  5. Running away from the News outlets

    I am tired of reading CNN, NYtimes and the like, and penning missives there or crafting rebuttals. A change of pace? A place to read without hurting my head about politics and such? Just a place to read and think in the dead of night. Hello all. Coyote Hill is my pen name. I am new here. And I look forward to many meaningful future exchanges.