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  1. Feels like Death -shamatha before bed

    For anadi's stuff, his human buddha book is awesome as is the book of enlightenment. His site as teachings and recordings which all directly describe the things of this thread. For Almaas stuff i got spacecruiser inquiry and the inner journey home. There's alot of talk on the interwebs that ramana's and nisargadatta's realizations were not the end all be all. That they realized awareness and source of thought but not the absolute through the ldt, nor did they grow and realize the soul body. This stuff gets extremely deep and technical.
  2. is it possible that moxi and/or acupuncture on a certain point will help to open this up? By the way thanks for the reply
  3. Feels like Death -shamatha before bed

    Hey Tibetan, I know of this experience off and on from my own meanderings in these kinds of meditations. Basically what happens, is you as subjective awareness (the real you in a sense) becomes loosened from the head area (third eye center) and can now vertically drop down to enter the MDT (heart center) as well as the LDT (navel center). I'm not sure which one you were dropping into initially, however I have experienced dropping this way that you have described, into the heart center or source of thought. Sort of like a portal into blackness, but with eyes open everything is One, and there is no 'I' there yes there would be fear stirring up of the mind about this because the mind is no longer in That. I think you would get the biggest kick out of all things Anadi(Aziz Kristof) and A.H. Almaas both of which correlate to your experience in this thread. They basically break it down into alot more detail than Nisargadatta and Ramana's stuff which tends to get cyclically repetitive and on the intellectual level. I found that alot of the nondual stuff has a neo-nondual aspect to it in that alot of the new breed of teachers/authors basically stop at Awareness prior to mind and the bliss thats there.... but the old schooler non-dualists speak of channels opening, source of thought, kundalini, rainbow bodies and so much more. But regardless, the mind/thoughts/I construct is ultimately not you so all reactions to these experiences are mind based. Hey By the way, thanks for even starting this thread. This info here is AWESOME!!!!! I've been looking for the last year and a half trying to find reference to a channel which is where thought travels from the source in the chest, up to the head and back, and then having awareness enter that channel. I did soooo much research and haven't found many references until this post.
  4. i have the "one secret at a time" and "backward flowing method". the books are cool, entertaining, although many would consider alot of it to be filler. It's more like a bio w/ all the adventures along the way. I was looking for some real deep technical stuff (which I got just by googling embryonic breathing and researching the lower dan tian). Overall I would recommend the books just to have to the library. I've since realized a theory that what happened to JJ was that he was mostly focused on chi, sensitivity to it, and the false dan tian, and then eventually 100 days in a shift happened into the real lower dan tian which everyone already speaks about is as already having a spin or circulation to it. So basically once that's felt, you reverse the direction of that spin, and the rest is history. Kundalini eventually takes place. Although jj kind of stops an kundalini awakening and that's it. Where as I've seen way too many things in the inner life to say that it ends with kundalini. I think all the channels need to be opened, stillness cultivated, the source of thought ground realized, and a few other things hat are comparable to various sources of esotericism and qi gong manuals
  5. As far as the lower Dan Tian. Right now I'm on a 100 day Gong Golden flower meditation, with lots of fasting and all sexual energy and release witheld. Well a few days ago I hit day 19 and there was like a switch that flipped on in the lower dan tian and it was very hot and stilled the mind. SO since then when I sit with this daily, I kind of switch the lower dan tian off/on and feel all this heat and electricity that envelops my body and it all starts from that location. So I jumped on the old google and started doing some research on this phenomenon and started finding references to Embryonic breathing. Yet, I'm basically going by wilhelms golden flower book and 2 of jj semple's books on the subject (which I jumped back in to find any early references to early heat based in the dan tian and didnt find any) I think embryonic breathing and golden flower are very similar in nature. However I have a question here, since I started doing some studying into the whole embryonic breathing deal. They talk about heat being generated in the false lower dan tian, and that it is just surface level and then say that the real lower dan tian is much deeper in, inside the navel and that this is where the heat needs to be generated. How do you tell the difference? I think when jj eventually felt the direction of breath, it was because he shifted into the real lower dan tian, however I find no mention of the initial heat aspect of what im getting going on day 19 (which was like a week ago)
  6. Qi-Gong can definitely be an Ego enhancer

    I don't necessarily agree that enlightenment entails complete destruction of the ego. After all, it is the ego that can realize that enlightenment is happening. I believe its more so purging the ego of its vices, adding virtues, and putting it in its rightful place. Simply seeing it as a tool of discernment, but not as our supreme identity
  7. I Love Qi-Gong and Tai Chi. I've had health problems all my life and these techniques I've learned over the years have increased my energy levels tremendously and improved my health by leaps and bounds. However, I am also on the path towards Enlightenment, practicing deep meditation, studying Advaita, Dzogchen, Mysticism, and all sorts of things. Well I find the Qi Gong exercises can be Ego uplifters and enhancers. One can get all puffed up from the benefits and go deeper and further away from realizing Enlightenment buy chasing all these Dragon, Light, Rainbow bodies and next higher level of initiation. I think tempering this all with meditation, detachment, and insight into the nature of the ego as illusion is all extremely vital along the way. My 2 cents
  8. I was wondering if anyone here has had any experiences with opening the heart. For me, I have seen that thought has its source and starts in the heart. I have woken up many ties in complete unknowingness, and then witnessed from awareness, the mind start to unravel from the heart area and takes its place in the head. Both Sufi and Eastern Orthodox Monks tirelessly work on the Opening/activating the heart first, and upon doing so, eventually the center of awareness(third eye) and the Navel center eventually open as well. Interested to see if anyone has worked with this center. Thanks, snbeings
  9. Qigong...demonic related?

    im coming into this board as a Christian, who later became a Christian Mystic. Why add mystic to the label? Well I got deep into Christianity, got rebaptized in my early 20's, an then the mystical fireworx and ego deaths began to happen. It was the Holy Spirit entering the top of my head and slaying my ego, along w/ what felt like channels all over my body being opened. A few years after that, I entered the "Dark Night of the Soul" which lasted years and years. It makes depression look like a night on the town w unlimited bank roll, hookers, drugs, and livin it up. I would not wish this Dark Night on anyone, and yet here I was, in it from Christianity. My interested in Qigong comes from having experiences of energy surges and channels throughout my body and the top of my skull opening up. WHen I first started doing Tai Chi exercises, the energy was so strong and very sexual causing me to fall to lusts, porn, sleepin around. So I held off on it. I'm back at it now for health improvements and now I face lust head on, by stirring it up, seeing it, observing it in meditation, then letting it fall away. Repeat then rinse. This has done WONDERS in my spiritual walk because Lust was my number 1 issue. To actually sit w/ lust, to observe it and to see that it is not you, that there is a choice to give in to it or to let it go.... this has been amazing to me and I have not found too much written on this spontanoues technique that has come up in my life. As far as demons go, I find they can latch on to plain Joe's as well, just from drinking too much. My alcoholic cousin had a few of em and he wasnt nothin spiritual. All things in moderation is my take. Just take it easy and calm down a bit. If your already frequenting bars/clubs/alcohol, then your putting yourself out there so to speak. Also look into Nonduality and Advaita as it helps to separate you as Awareness from the Ego (which easily falls victim to lusts). It has helped me tremendously on my walk on a spiritual path as well as to understand CHrist better
  10. what are some systems you guys have had success with? What do you feel is the best out right now. I'm debating spring forest & kunlun at this point
  11. New guy here. Been reading the forums for years but always too busy to join and start contributing to the threads. So my question is, what is your guys' takes on what the best & fastest method to Enlightenment, Buddhahood, sumpreme realization, etc etc. I've done some research on Kunlun & Spring Forest though havent tried them myself. I have practiced off and on for years the Falun Gong exercises and have tons of experiences from studying Advaita Nonduality teachings. So far the best teachings I have found to have high caliber stuff is Bill Bodri's meditationexpert site, A.H. Almaas, Anadi, and the damoqigong website has lots of high end stuff as well. Anyway so what's your take? I ask because I have a friend who has all types of health problems, leukemia, and immune system issues, and has always been sick for years and he recently asked me this question (as someone who has limited time here) While personally, I would like to add that for myself, I long to be United with the Absolute. To be "home" or go "home" if that makes sense. I've been told by some that I need to completely open the Heart, others say the navel, while still others say the center of awareness has to be activated first. Anyway, lets see what you guys have to say
  12. New Guy From Midwest....

    Hello, New guy from the midwest here w/ interest in Taoist Qi Gong Alchemy Mysticism and Enlightenment. On a quest to find out the fastest way to reach enlightenment, great health, healing, and open the inner channels. Im here to ask lots of questions and also give answers where necessary