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  1. Interesting discussion here . Even though I haven't really felt much doing tai chi except for being relaxed and cheerful after a training (wich I mainly attribute due to the fun/joking athmosphere at trainings)I felt something immediately when practicing qigong. In the beginning I got unconrollable joyful spasms (kinda like with laughing). I think it's like my tai chi teacher told me: the first few thousand times you do your tai chi movement you're not really doing/learning tai chi. You're just learning the movement, and you're focussing on doing the movement right. Not until the moves are fully automatic will you really be able to do tai chi and learn. Though, he also said people would still experience benefits from the start. @ Chris D, I have no idea what you mean :/. And by the way, I dont have a job. I still study . But regarding the computer use, I did realize it couldn't just be the my posture as can read a book mch longer with bad posture without getting the negative effects. And now that I though about it, I think it might also be a mental thing. So, I'm gonna try to be more mindfull behind the computer.
  2. So for a while I've been practicing tai chi. I find it enjoyable to do. Though I don't really feel like it's doing much other that learning me to move more effectively, especially in martial arts. Recently I've been trying out spring forest qigong. Which specifically states that you should not combine it with other energy practices. I was wondering, does that also counts for tai chi? I can't see how they would work against each other because both work with the same energy system in mind. And one random question: Does an LCD screen do something to you in terms of chi/energy? I always feel pretty bad after I've been on a computer (tired, stressed, unable to focus etc). I also read at some places that an LCD screen (among other electronic devices such as energy saving lights) gives off bad energy.
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    Really like the interview, thanks :-).
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    Hi people, I'm from the Netherlands. I recently got interested in Chi: been practicing tai chi for a few months which had been a lot of fun, and I wan't to start with springforest qigong. This place seems like a great place for information on this topic and similar topics