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  1. Sutra of the secret Essential Method of Dhyana

    With some help from the guys over at Dharmawheel I found what I was looking for! It's the "Chan Miyofa Jing" Some interesting links on the subject
  2. Hello there folks. I'm new here! I've been reading Bavo Leivens' "Mind Experiment". In the chapter on meditation, Mr. Lievens mentions a Sutra in the book that goes by the title "Sutra of the secret Essential Method of Dhyana" The Sutra he mentions in the book contains 30 plus variations on this meditation. Each effectuating certain aspects of the liberation process. I can't seem to find the Sutra on any of the sites i've tried. Any help at ALL, would be tremendously appreciated!
  3. Hello from Omaha

    Nice place you have here! I registered an account to do some research on a Sutra.