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  1. Our questions, one blog

    Hi, I haven't contributed to this site much at all, and honestly didn't lurk around for long. I come here now to share a small spark of mine that came into life this past night. It is a blog, and it contains my thoughts. My thoughts are shared by every single person, except that I choose to speak about them. I write about general life. I focus on philosophy and the art of the mind. I know that you guys would enjoy reading this. There are only 2 posts so far because it is fairly new. My posts will be frequent (Every 1-3 days) You would not be dissapointed by my writings.
  2. Be a better person

    I found some people on chat and they lead me to the 'namewagon change" thread. Been a few days, havent gotten a reply yet. I'm slowly finding my way.
  3. Be a better person

    That is true... I live in Gold Coast. It's not really my type of place (Too much drinking, partying, heads inside their Tv shows. But anyway you gotta do what you gotta do. How is it in Brisbane?
  4. Namechange Bandwagon

    Can I jump on as well? Maybe change it to 'Ana-nas'.. would be cool.
  5. Be a better person

    Excuse my lateness as I have been too busy with myself to return here, maybe the time is finaly right. Different in a way that compares shallow to deep ocean. A fish that spent its life trying to dig a hole in the shallow water and suddenly realising that it was not even yet in the waters. I need to cleanse my hands and the roots must be changed; the fruits i came to bear are toxic. @Protector They look like you and me, that is, with one eye. ----- Searched the forums and tried to join chat, both with no luck. Is it possible to change my 'display name'? Who would i need to send a message to?
  6. Be a better person

    Hey.. I have signed up here to help find my way back to the Universe. Been.. 'different' for about a year and a half now. With the misguided world now, finding awakened people is difficult. So I have come here to help guide myself with the right techinques. I listen to myself but.. you gotta have the balance between worlds. I currently live in the beautiful land of Australia.