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  1. Xiao Yao Pai

    Don't embarrass your immortal teachers and yourself by saying that any living thing can become a immortal. Don't fool us by your unlogical explanations.
  2. Tai Shang Men - Xiao Yao Pai - LONDON Event.

    Two thumbs up....
  3. Tai Shang Men - Xiao Yao Pai - LONDON Event.

    Flowing hand, you always boast yourself, you judge that your system is better than others. You know nothing about the immortal at all.
  4. Hello From Indonesia

    Hi Lukman, I'm also from Indonesia. Nice to know you...
  5. Loving Taoism

    Blue Moon Taoist...glad to hear about your progress in every aspect in your life
  6. Meditation leading to increased blood pressure

    ChiDragon, the same explanation but in reversed with why anger can increase blood pressure. Its related with meredian in human body. Through meditation we learn to control our mind, meditation will allow us to have calmer mind so we can deal with life challenges more objectively. When we do meditation, we also manage our breath (do chi kung), our focus, our mind.
  7. Pushing Qi Out of the BODY - Advance

    Can anybody here tell me what exactly Chi is?
  8. Meditation leading to increased blood pressure

    OnARoad, just try to focus on Dan Tian to decrease blood pressure or the top of the nose to get a normal blood pressure. Just keep meditate, you get many advantages through this exercise.....
  9. Brand New Wu Wei Thread

    If we translate wu wei as not doing(passively), we will not get the essence of Wu wei as Lao Tze meant in his TTC. Wu wei is an active things. ...How can we reach a highest level of meditation without doing wu wei in our meditation?
  10. A perfect wuwei act

    CD.. Zhi ran and Wu wei has a difference meaning. You can not say that zhi ran is the hidden meaning for wu wei. Tao isn't seems like water. What I meant with the perfect example of wu wei is water is that the characteristic of water can be a perfect example of wu wei in daily life. It flows to the lowest area, it gives many benefit to humans and other creatures and so on, but water has never ask humans or other creatures to pay back what was given.
  11. A perfect wuwei act

    This example is not Wu wei, it is Zhi ran... The perfect example of Wu wei is water
  12. Young Girl knowing some Tao

    Hello Claire,it is good for you to read a Taoism's book that is written by practitioner of Taoism. I suggest you to visit www.StudyTaoism.com to learn more about true taoism.
  13. Qigong Training Course.

    Hello Steven King, I suggest you to learn the Dao Yin Shu. This course is a complete one, you can learn meditation, Qi Gong and Shen Gong. Through this course you can achieve physical health and spiritual well-being.
  14. Dan tien Hollow drum feeling

    Do you practice Chi Kung too?
  15. Microcosmic Orbit & Tongue Position

    Do you know where the end of the Du Channel and the end of the Ren Channel?