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  1. The Path of the Christian Gnostics

    Having discovered the Grail within the pages of Enoch II, I can testify that the persecution of the Catholics was intentional. What they did was hide the source of the proof of God, and turned everything into MYSTERY. After they burned the books and killed the 'Heretics'. This is what it was all about... The Magi, were destroyed... Enoch, was spoken of in the Bible, as a man so holy and pure he was 'taken up' and told to write books out of God's mouth, but his works were called Evil? Here is a sample chapter of Enoch II, ch 24, when this 'model' is combined with Einstein's math, you end up with the Theory of Everything, the Holy Grail, the proof of Qi, the proof of Oneness through the Holy Light (Hyper space), once you read this and the other 'Forbidden books', Genesis is seen to be the Cliff notes; (the Grail is at my page: http://pipermichael.wordpress.com ) ********** 2nd Enoch, The Book of Secrets Chapter 24, XXIV: 1 And the Lord summoned me, and said to me: Enoch, sit down on my left with Gabriel 2 And I bowed down to the Lord, and the Lord spoke to me: Enoch, beloved, all (that) you see, all things that are standing finished I tell to you even before the very beginning, all that I created from non-being, and visible (physical) things from invisible (spiritual). 3 Hear, Enoch, and take in these my words, for not to My angels have I told my secret, and I have not told them their rise, nor my endless realm, nor have they understood my creating, which I tell you to-day. 4 For before all things were visible (physical), I alone used to go about in the invisible (spiritual) things, like the sun from east to west, and from west to east. 5 But even the sun has peace in itself, while I found no peace, because I was creating all things, and I conceived the thought of placing foundations, and of creating visible (physical) creation. Chapter 25, XXV 1 I commanded in the very lowest (parts), that visible (physical) things should come down from invisible (spiritual), and Adoil came down very great, and I beheld him, and lo! He had a belly of great light. 2 And I said to him: Become undone, Adoil, and let the visible (physical) (come) out of you. 3 And he came undone, and a great light came out. And I (was) in the midst of the great light, and as there is born light from light, there came forth a great age, and showed all creation, which I had thought to create. 4 And I saw that (it was) good. 5 And I placed for myself a throne, and took my seat on it, and said to the light: Go thence up higher and fix yourself high above the throne, and be A foundation to the highest things. 6 And above the light there is nothing else, and then I bent up and looked up from my throne. Chapter 26, XXVI 1 And I summoned the very lowest a second time, and said: Let Archas come forth hard, and he came forth hard from the invisible (spiritual). 2 And Archas came forth, hard, heavy, and very red. 3 And I said: Be opened, Archas, and let there be born from you, and he came undone, an age came forth, very great and very dark, bearing the creation of all lower things, and I saw that (it was) good and said to him: 4 Go thence down below, and make yourself firm, and be a foundation for the lower things, and it happened and he went down and fixed himself, and became the foundation for the lower things, and below the darkness there is nothing else. Chapter 27, XXVII 1 And I commanded that there should be taken from light and darkness, and I said: Be thick, and it became thus, and I spread it out with the light, and it became water, and I spread it out over the darkness, below the light, and then I made firm the waters, that is to say the bottomless, and I made foundation of light around the water, and created seven circles from inside, and imaged (the water) like crystal wet and dry, that is to say like glass, (and) the circumcession of the waters and the other elements, and I showed each one of them its road, and the seven stars each one of them in its heaven , that they go thus, and I saw that it was good. 2 And I separated between light and between darkness, that is to say in the midst of the water hither and thither, and I said to the light, that it should be the day, and to the darkness, that it should be the night, and there was evening and there was morning the first day. Chapter 28, XXVIII 1 And then I made firm the heavenly circle, and (made) that the lower water which is under heaven collect itself together, into one whole, and that the chaos become dry, and it became so. 2 Out of the waves I created rock hard and big, and from the rock I piled up the dry, and the dry I called earth, and the midst of the earth I called abyss, that is to say the bottomless, I collected the sea in one place and bound it together with a yoke. 3 And I said to the sea: Behold I give you (your) eternal limits, and you shalt not break loose from your component parts. 4 Thus I made fast the firmament. This day I called me the first-created [sunday]. This is the story of Creation right out of the mouth of God, if you can suspend disbelief for an instant, and accept Enoch’s text. This is a text that is supposedly thousands upon thousands of years old, yet provides for all the scientific elements one needs to define reality as it is known today. The three components, Hyper Light, Hyper Dark, and Chaos, would become the Bipolar Primal Energy to power the Universe and the Chaos to give structure. The frequencies of the light and dark are hyper luminal, they must be to provide the necessary energy to the form of creation. The Creator was the middleman, the modulator, and the great designer of Bipolar Primal energy flow directed with Chaos. But the Creator created a ‘lake’ of water, recent evidence points to the fact that the Universe as we know it, is kind of a bubble. What if the lake represents many millions or billions of Universe Bubbles? So spread out, the light from them dissipates long before we can see it? Are we part of a Multiverse, that have only come into existence in God Time, yet to be, in our time? The mind boggles at this new God Calculus. The biggest question here though, is Why was it suppressed? Do religious types just enjoy vagueness and think we are all simpletons, so they had to introduce the concept of 6 days for Creation? 6000 years for all of Creation? There is only one place from where such nonsense comes from, the control of minds by authority figures. It is obvious, that Genesis was written with Moses’ full knowledge of Enoch, if you read it you notice small references to angels that laid with women, and giants and also to Enoch, but nothing specific enough to wrap your mind around. It is known that these books were rejected from the Holy Canon. This alone should make people wonder about what has been withheld, and continues to be withheld from general western knowledge. At the very least, Enoch deserves a place in the Apocrypha in between the testaments. You will see, it was part of The Trick of The Babylonian 'Mystery' Religion, that took over the Church of Rome, and was named Catholic.
  2. Tai Chi Chuan and the Higgs Boson particle

    Sorry sir... you misunderstand 'electricity'... and dark energy... Dark energy is the magnetic force, it is the binder of the electric/light. Without a consumer of the light, there can be no flow... Without a binder or consumer, you would have a static Universe. No movement. The Electric Universe is valid, very valid, but it is a magnetic Universe, that transmits/conducts the light energy. My antigravity and magnetic experiments have proven this, to me, and I care not about others, since, your journals have one agenda, maintaining the status quo. Without the magnetic, there could be no Qi, or Chi, or magnetic fields, which are simply concentrations of aligned polarity.
  3. Tai Chi Chuan and the Higgs Boson particle

    Aaron, I apologize if you misunderstood... religious rant? Sorry sir, I was agreeing with you... I was trying to point out, where the Holy Grail was destroyed/stolen/hidden by the Catholic church when they burned the Heretics and their books (including the books of Enoch). When they did that, they instituted MYSTERY, as their doctrine. I was trying to point out, that the Dark energy is the true Secret to the Universe. That; The Eastern philosphies 'had it', or remembered it as a myth from ancient times; That the Yin, Yang, and Tao, were the same thing as; The Vishnu (Source), Shiva(Destroyer), Brahma (Cycles)...were the same thing as; Enochs; The Dark, The Light, and The Voice of God (spin) The Point being, the similarity of the 'trinity of forces', is ancient in the extreme, and is the source of many myths and legends to this day, that come down to us as different words or symbols, but mean the same thing... thus, having a common beginning. This light and dark energy, is Hyperspace, above 'normal' space, and above Subspace. Hypertime, normal time, zero time. Once science passes through a certain level of perception, the point is, it is not possible to separate science from religion, IF, there was a CREATOR, and this ancient model combined with the math of Einstein, pretty much proves it. When my magnetic experiments are considered, then the Dark energy is magnetic, invisible, and the source of Qi, (Chi), gravity, inertia and entropy. We live in a magnetic dark cold Universe, and Fire, is holy. The Holy Fire of the Ancients, is, the electric force. Look at my vector forces diagram, and the math, disprove that, and I'll shut up... otherwise we're just bouncing words, an imperfect language of nature. The God particle is nonsense, as I predicted last year(not here), that; they would find only an energy feedback. And it appears that what they did was aggregate data from different experiments, and combine it by averaging, and ended up with what I predicted, a hint, an indication, energy feedback, call it what you want, but what it is, is a desperate attempt to KEEP THEIR FUNDING... Europe is broke, and I'm as sure as I'm sitting here, that the money masters of CERN, demanded results... now. In fact, this new 'theory' is more provable by common sense than some god(less) particle nonsense, with a simple test... Think about this, (and this is a challenge to all of you). If the 'god' particle, the Higgs boson, were a fact, then that means the Universe was a completely random occurence... correct?(I mean that's what they're saying...) Now, if that were true, then all the orbitals; planets, moons, suns, galaxies, everything, would have a 50% random distribution of spin related phonmena... ie 50 percent of the systems should rotate/orbit/spin CLOCKWISE... so how come most if not all observed solar systems, galaxies, planets, moons, all rotate/orbit/spin COUNTERCLOCKWISE? We have a left handed Universe... Why, is that? (I've never seen that observation discussed before...) I'm sorry if we misunderstand each other, we are all victims of the perfidy of the Church.
  4. Tai Chi Chuan and the Higgs Boson particle

    There is no such thing as particles. Magnetic fields prove that. Rocks prove that. Gravity,inertia, and entropy proves that. Ask why stars and lights, burst forth in points. Ask why big rocks rise above little rocks. Ask why light can have two modes, the duality is its own answer once the right question is asked. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. People have a severe deficiency, reading for comprehension. Find the theory of everything thread I posted, read. learn. ask. you may find out, it has already been given, as a gift from the true God, thousands of years ago. The Catholics stole it, corrupted it with the abomination of deification, and burned the Heretics. but man is too headstrong to listen. and just like here in this place, few will accept it, publish it, or even see it. Because they hate God. Not just not believe, Hate. Because they are told he is a judgmental God. He is Love, you are rebellion. You pay the price on the Imp of Consumption. The E3 is a hyper theory, a string theory of God, proven in experiment. Einstein partially proved it, but he is ignored. The ancient Trinity of Forces is all there is. Holy light, Unholy dark, God. holy spirit, Imp of consumption, His Voice. electric, magnetic, Causal spin. That's all there is. Yin, Yang, Tao, same thing. Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma, same thing. The ancients knew more than we arrogant modern's understand. I am, the Revenge of the Heretics. How the Universe(s) work;
  5. Tai Chi Chuan and the Higgs Boson particle

    or maybe even tens of thousands...
  6. Tai Chi Chuan and the Higgs Boson particle

    especially when magic is given a formula. the 'higgs' is merely an energy artifact at the 1 radian point. yes, gravity is the swirl of magnetic bubbles of the quantum foam. Vortexes. You're all familiar with those already?
  7. Tai Chi Chuan and the Higgs Boson particle

    Sorry guys, there are no such thing as particles. They are symptoms of the Hyper energy matrix. Already proved that with my ToE thread, and proved that with the antigrav experiments. Qi or Chi, is the Magnetic force. period. I guess nobody cares. But yeah, its not 'acceptable' or publishable theory, so fuck 'em all. They should have listened to Einstein...everything is "frozen energy" and I had thought you bunch were ahead of the curve. You do have a leg up on science. My other thread spells it out, there are only three forces, a Trinity of Forces. Yin = Dark, Magnetic, consumption, the UnHoly Imp, Hyper Dark, Shiva, the magnetic ether, -infinity of time Yang = Light, Electric, producer, Hyper Light, Holy Spirit, Vishnu, Hyper time, God time, +infinity of time Tao = Causal spin force, Brahma, The Word of God, Pi The resultant shape of the quantum is the Heart. The shape of Creation, is Love. This also produces; polarity, attraction, repulsion, inertia, entropy, and gravity, in one theory, the particle guys say what? They have "a lot more work to do". Yeah, they do, and billions more dollars doing it. By then I hope to have real proof in hardware, if I live long enough. Energy is produced, and consumed, and spun to 'work' it. The Universe(s) are pretty simple when you start from the ancient knowledge and combine with the right modern mind. The Einstein-Enoch Equation, the God Calculus, and the Hyper or Spiritual Relativity. But hey, like I've said before, billion dollar atom smashers get the grants, not the guy sitting with a pencil and paper and old books. Science loves money, and this announcement was what I predicted. A 'maybe', a 'ghost', an 'indication' an 'almost' 99% god. Nobody noticed the desperation... they HAD to make an announcement, Europe is running out of money for crap like this.. My God is 100%. Your Tao is proof of that. (I'm sorry I can't post very often, maybe I have it fixed now...and can get back in.)
  8. Theory of Everything

    I have never heard of him, and cannot get youtube. There are many smart people in this time, but there is also so much silliness, that passes for 'philosophy'. Those who try to prove their own intelligence, by outsmarting others. The concept that a tree doesn't make a sound in the forest, if there is no one around to hear it, is a classic example. The denial of physical reality, because of the chaotic nature of the primal energies. Does this person have a mathematical proof and a model of reality, that science can fathom? Then I would be interested in talking with him. The Proof of God was known before the current age. It is ancient in the extreme. The philosophy of the Tao against the Yin and Yang, is a fragment of knowledge from ancient times. What was knowledge became myth and legend. But without The Knowledge of the Ancient Trinity of Forces, all things silly prevail, and cannot be proved or disproved. This is the concept of Mystery, spoken of in the Bible. But the Bible is nothing but cliff notes for even older documents, which were thrown out and burned. The Catholic's were good at destroying old knowledge, they called 'Heretic'. The greatest of these was the books of Enoch, which showed the process of Creation out of the mouth of God himself. He is not IN creation or part of Creation, but Causes the creation by creating the energies of creation, and sets it all in motion. Thus he must remain on the Throne of Creation, Hyper Cosmic, outside creation, but through the math and the Entanglement of the Infinities, the harmonics, He can project Himself anywhere, at anytime, and through feedback of the energy, can know all things at once. Hyper space, is spirit space, Hyper Time, God Time. The opposite end is Oblivion space, the Darkness of consumption, the negative infinity, where black holes lead. Time comes to a halt. Our Universe is but a bubble in the Firmament of Universe's, that lay upon the surface of the Dark energy, the magnetic bubbles of the quantum foam. These are called virtual particles by science, but haven't been proven, magnetic bubbles have now been discovered by science at the edge of the solar system, which gives more credence to God's model. It is obvious, there are few who understand without the filters of their own Illusions. They don't see the objective reality of creation, because they prefer Mystery, and thus reject the Objective 3d reality. They do not know how to ask the question, what does it take to create a Universe... and once the question is properly asked, the answer is simple, and given to us by the Ancients. Rome gave us Mystery and Superstition, regardless of truth, it was wrapped in untruth, to achieve power and control over the minds of men, by the use of emotions. Fear is more powerful than enlightenment. So what do we need to create a Universe? The ancient myth's, come down to us as several concepts that seem to be unrelated, but observe the commonality of ancient myth when combined with modern math... if you refer to my original graphic, you will the necessity of three things. To create a Universe (or Multi Universe's), you only need a flow of energy and the presence of spinning of the energy. Energy, is not, and cannot be, particles, only string like. This is a string theory of God. So. First, you must have a Source of energy. Einstein and company, in 1945, converted the mass of a few pounds of uranium and plutonium to the Light of a 1000 suns. Second you must have a Sink for that energy. Third, you must have a source of spin of the strings. Two and Three are the current push from physics, it is their great quest. You have heard of The God Particle? The nickname of the so called Higgs bosun? They spend billions on its quest, because it solves two problems, the Sink of Energy Consumption (Dark energy) and the Binding force of Spin. I predict it will never be found, why? Because this is not a particle based universe, Einstein was right, and they ignored him at their peril. But it is good in a way, for what would science do with the Knowledge? Guess, weaponize, and you would be right. Why is it, that science is allowed to reinvent god in their own image, but when it is a spiritual gift, and it works, it is rejected? I predict the God particle will never be found because it cannot, but the God Tangent, which is the Tao, the Causal Spin force, the Brahma, the Creator's voice, is the Nothingness of the Tao that spins the forces of Yin and Yang into the Quantum Vortex. What is the primary structure of reality? The Vortex. From quantum to Galaxy, and all things in between. This concept also reveals the flaw in Special Relativity, in the Rock Problem or the Brazil nut effect. One of those 'mysterious phenomena', that science has never resolved. Why do big rocks rise above little rocks? Why do layers form in rocks? Why can a bumble bee fly, when aerodynamics says it is 'impossible'? The Theory of Everything, must mean, everything. So if everything is relative, and a mass of rock is just a mass, then why would it behave weirdly? The answer is simple, it is not just a mass of one type of 'energy'. It is three types of energy, thus the '3 in the equation, is a symbol of The Trinity of Forces, Light, Dark and Spin. A rock is composed of Light, the Yang, The Vishnu, the Electric, and the Dark is The Yin, The Shiva, the Magnetic, the Chi of the body. They are bound together by The Tao, the Nothingness, the Causal Spin, the Creator's voice, the Brahma. Enoch said they are The Adoil, The Archa, The Voice that causes Chaos. This the equation proves the nature of the Universe, the energies, the cause and the results are; anti gravity, Pi, Fibonacci and the nature of matter, which proves that e=mc2 is flawed, the energy is dual, Hyper, and the Causal spin is faster than light. This is also why quantum mechanics produces infinities, that must be normalized, they start from nothing to create something. This is also the nothingness of creation, that causes philosophical conundrums, and over educated idiots. Occam's razor says that the simplest explanation is usually correct. This only took me 40 years, and then it was a gift. Please disprove this, by disproving the math, words will not do, for words are deceiving. This is the basis of The Knowledge passed down by the Ancients. If you wish to read the ancient words, I will post the appropriate text, so you can see the original. Here is the essence of e=mc2 and the corrected Hyper Relativity, or Spiritual Relativity, shown in the hidden power in rocks;
  9. Theory of Everything

    Everything, I apologize for my tardiness, I cannot get back in on my computer, so I have to go to town and use a work machine... You understand perfectly. Love is written into the very fabric of creation. The heart symbol is thousands of years old...but it bears no resemblance to a human heart. Nobody knows where the symbol comes from, it is ancient in the extreme. If you look at the quantum graphic I posted, you will see the shape of it resembles a heart...which also defines POLARITY, the flow between the Light and the Dark, the Yang and the Yin... if the symbol of the YinYang is turned on its side...you get a quantum vortex in the shape of a heart. The Universe is made by Love, Unconditional, HyperCosmic. This Universe is merely one bubble in a sea of Universe bubbles, that are manifested in God Time, but sequentially in the Zimp(spacetime, the Zero point). God Time, or Hyper Time is defined simply; (+infinity) + (-infinity) = 0 Thus everything that happens in the Zero point, that has happened, and will happen, is present at one time within the HyperTime. Thus the Biblical statement that with God; "A thousand years is as a day, and a day is as thousand years." is perfectly logical. ***** Sinfest, You're confusing me... I guess I'm just not smart enough to comprehend you. ***** A Seeker, It has been 40 years in the writing/searching, the new Model came to me in Nov 2011, but has been rejected by all. We shall see, I was told it was unpublishable, that the religious 'nutcases' would burn down his building, because I had a lot of nerve claiming a proof of God...so it appears the only way will be to wrap it in fiction...and then, they will want to burn down my house... Sad, that mankind or at least American mankind, has stooped to this level.
  10. Theory of Everything

    I'm sorry...I had to go to another computer to get back in... It appears somebody doesn't want me in here..or anywhere else for that matter... Sinfest, There are many 'philosophies' that go to extreme's to rationalize a Universe(s) without a Cause... In essense, that is irrational, you cannot have effect without cause. God, as Creator, does not 'enter' the Universe(s), he cannot, because He is the Causal Force, words are wonderful things, but are relative. Our reality is relative, but the question is; Relative to what? Einstein defined it as relative to Light, as Light is the only absolute in this Creation. In my Vision, it was revealed the Light, is the Yang, is the Electric, is what the Ancients called; The Holy Fire. If then, the electric force is composed of the Light, and the Light is Hyper, meaning beyond the speed of light, which is the transfer impedance of the Zimp (Znidarsic Impedance of the Dark, the Magnetic ether, the limiting power of consumption at something less than the speed of light.) Then the Quantum Vortex is the result of working the Hyper Light, which means everything is relative to the HyperLight, the Holy Fire. This is the Spiritual Relativity... There are those who love the darkness, and divide knowledge into little bites, so it can be categorized and obfuscated, confused and rationalized, in the Bible this is called; MYSTERY. The proponents of Mystery, appear as angels of light, but they are in truth, speaking nonsense. Designed to color your spirit half with additional intermixing of dark confusion. The road to hell is paved with good intentions... There are those who love the Light, and seek it out, and know, that Love is the only way to overcome, but Love is integrating knowledge in One Whole. Love is seeing through the process of dividing and animal emotions of fear, which is the dominant emotion of Earth, it is the power of the Animal half of you, it is what must be fought daily. It can only be overcome by Love of Knowledge, not love of unprovable and emotional nonsense. We are all nothing but energy beings, lost in the darkness of reality, some who wish to go 'home' to the Light, and others, who are already Home. Here, in the darkness of the magnetic ether, and they will do anything, say anything, to not be here alone. If you refer to my chart, God is not 'here' in person but He is IN all things, He MUST remain on His throne in order for the Causal force of his Voice(Tao, God Tangent) to project onto the Firmament(Zero point, Zimp) at the 1 Radian angle which causes the result of the Creation Number; Pi. The phonemes in His Voice, through what I term 'The Entanglement of the Infinities' (Quantum Entanglement) causes the Fibonacci sequence overlay of harmonic frequencies, that when they meet the Zimp, causes the spiral energies to 'seek' a helical formation, known in 3D space as; DNA. So, energy, frequency, and structure, caused by the Tao, which is the God Tangential Force, causes all things to BE, and all things to be ONE, connected together through the Primal energies at Hyper velocity(this is why the 'phenomenon' of quantum entanglement and entrainment work at 'faster than light' speed. It is also the Cause of the Orbitals, Life, inertia(magnetic repulsion), entropy(consumption), gravity(chaos), beauty(patterns seen in everything). Thus, one equation, one model, equals The Cause of all things. But, there are those who can not see it because they will not, it would damage them because they hate The Light. They are the Creatures of Darkness, they are 'of' the World, their Animal is in charge, their fear rules their lives. Love is not in them. And they are very convincing, remember this, they are about self. They do not care for others, or the rational basis of Creation, for they are the ones who destroyed it, long ago. They are the 'authorities', the Scholars, the Rich, the Powerful, those who are of the world that battle those who are 'in' the world but not 'of' the world. Of these things the Christ and the Buddha were correct. Love = Agape = Empathy for all living things = the Quantum, the very Creation itself is built from Love. Man himself, is said to be 'fallen', but do we know from 'where' he fell? Do we know how far he fell? Do we know the reason he fell? Does the concept of original sin, have any bearing on our status in life? Soes sin itself have a theoretical underpinning? Is there a commonality between all religions and theologies that is provable by science? Is there such a thing as God Science? Something that is a 'Sword of Truth' that restores man's knowledge into Oneness, and overcomes the 'Sword of Division' that turns us against one another, by dividing knowledge and giving the Animal emotions power over reason? The answer to all these questions and more, is the Holy Grail, the Proof of God and the Soul, and this is all wrapped up in the proof of the mechanics of creation, for everyone, EVERYONE, is a slave to their perception or what Plato called, Their Illusion of reality. This is Spiritual Relativity, all things are relative to the absolute truth, that was known by the ancients, and destroyed by the Catholics when they killed the Heretic's, and stole the Ancient Trinity of Forces and perverted it into a Trinity of the Heart. Then they burned the evidence in the old books, and told the scientists to toe the line, or die. They killed many, and they are responsible for the last two thousand years of hate, war, and they are the ones who did as the Christ, said they would do, bring a sword not peace. Their sword is the sword of division, the hiding of truth in mystery, the power of emotions. This is why their Bible, although beautiful and full of wisdom, is laced with untruth and corruption, or else there would not be thousands of denominations, fighting each other over 'truth'. The Spirit reveals the symbols and the Mystery Power, that is the Harlot church that rides The Beast of the Animal, which is the concentrated power of government, the 'abomination that maketh desolate' set in the 'temple' of God, is their weilding of the sword of division in the minds of men. The power of the rocks, is the Holy Grail, the Sword of Truth, drawn from the power hidden in the rocks, which is; anti gravity. Which will release mankind from this damnable 3rd rock from the Sun, allow us to throw off the Beast and 'pound our swords into plowshares...' and come to the Birth of the Star Child, so that our children may see the "new Heavens and a New Earth'. Because the Universe(s) are a cold dark dangerous place, and the Creator wishes man to continue for His purposes. Creator's Blessings upon you all. I may not be back for awhile since it appears somebody has blocked my Ip to this place, and I have to go to another computer...so we shall see. As one more bit of info, I attach a page about the power hidden in the rocks. OOps...sorry, I'm not on my computer, later maybe...if they allow. I am Piper Michael, The Heretic
  11. Theory of Everything

    I know Frank, personally...he is an atheist and a bit of an arrogant ass up close and personal. His Transfer Impedance is the basis of the Zimp. He is the 'Z' in it, I give him credit for that, but he refuses to recognize the God Tangent. The Znidarsic Impedance, the ZPE, the magnetic ether was proven by my coil experiment(the Zero angle coil). Anti gravity, has been around for awhile, kinda, we've just have never had a solid theory of it...his work is piecemeal, but good. Frank also knows about my work, and he is trying desperately to remove 'God' from the theory so he can claim it, watch for that... The entire search for the 'God Particle' is science trying to create God in their own image... Now, I'm not going to argue with anyone, but to say that God cannot exist is the height of intellectual arrogance, akin to the philosophy that says if a tree crashes in the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound? This eliminates the necessity for a true 3 dimensional reality energy matrix. If you doubt reality, kick a rock barefooted... In this Universe, EVERYTHING requires a CAUSE. What is the Cause of your Universe? OH, I forgot, it just came to be from nothing, with no volition, no cause. This violates the most basic principles of their own science, but they do it anyway because it serves their purpose, atheism. God, is IN everything, and outside of everything. He is Hypercosmic, outside the known Universe(s). He is real, necessary and seen in the Chaos of everything, the fractal and the patterns, the Pi and the Fibonacci. But it is because he is in one place, on His throne, and His Voice is the Cause, as it written in the ancient texts. The math and experiments don't lie, don't be deceived by the ramblings of relativistic rumination. Such things that 'prove' the nonexistence of God, are of the Dark energy, of Oblivion. I see I'm not getting through, but that's ok, I didn't expect too, there is much darkness in this world... Good night, I'll check back on this thread tomorrow.
  12. Theory of Everything

    Sinfest, Sorry, I cannot do youtube...is this an explanation for the equation above? If you could explain it in text that would be nice.
  13. Theory of Everything

    This is the essence of Spiritual Relativity... "infinite varieties of truth" All 'truths' are relative to the darkness in which we live...spacetime. But without including God back into science, mankind is stuck... Absolute Truth, is only available in science and math..so the existential must become the physical. Without it, we cannot get off this damn rock, and reach the stars... We must come to that place, where we "pound our swords into plowshares..."(unification) and bring forth the birth of the Star Child. This cannot be done, in an environment of 'relative truth', where everybody is walking in the darkness of relativity... We must break through. But I am just one man.
  14. Theory of Everything

    Everything..you're good. Exactly right, again...you nailed it. The 'dual' is the energy...Light and Dark, electric and magnetic are separate forces. The Structure is Caused by the third force, The Tao or Causal or God Tangent. Refer to the chart above. When the Holy Light (what the Ancients called the; Holy Fire) is consumed by the Imp, the Dark consumer(the lake of fire), the Zero point in the middle then, is the canvas of the Creator, that uses His own voice, the Tao, the God Tangent, as the Causal spin force, this is the '3, the Ancient Trinity of Forces... But since the Tao is 'nothing', then it is invisible, but observable...(Faraday's tangent) That is why 3 dimensional reality is 'real', and also, why God is IN all things... Below that is Oblivion(-infinity, magnetic). Above that is Hyper Space(+infinity, electric). This is also how Time works. When a wave of light travels from a distant star, it experiences no time, even though we see that it takes many years...special relativity... Now, extend the concept up, and you arrive at...Hyper...or what I term; Spiritual Relativity. If you refer to my chart above, you see what? +infinity + -infinity = 0 (Zero point) Thus, above this plane all time is compressed into 0. Hyper Reality. Non locality. Below this plane, there is no time, there is nothing but oblivion and consumption of energy.(think black hole)
  15. Theory of Everything

    Sorry. Not trying to name something that already has a name... But, the essence of my project, for 40 years, has been this. The result is the merging of science and 'religion/spiritual'. Think about this; What is science? The understanding of man, his place in the Universe and how it all works. What is religion? The understanding of man, his place in the Universe and how it all works. Do we sense a conundrum? Thousands of years ago, they were One. They must become One, again, in order for mankind to advance, unify, and come to understanding. Also, the Spirit revealed something else... We MUST get off this rock called Earth... Because one day, Earth will no longer be viable... And no, I cannot say why, only that the Universe is a cold dark unforgiving place, and the Creator wishes mankind to continue for His purposes.