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  1. If you want union with god/god realization you should read Ramakrishna. He worships god in the form of the goddess Kali and he was blessed with many visions of her. He says the aim of human life is god realization and he tells you how to attain that. Here's a link to an audio version of the Gospels of Sri Ramakrishna. The link also has Vivekananda's (his chief disciple) commentary on the different yogas: bakti, karma, jnana, and raja yoga. Good luck on your journey!
  2. Testicles hurt when focusing on dantian

    How long did it take for it to go away in your case and does the heat come back to the dantian? What am I suppose to do with the fire? Yeah I've read Jim McMillians level 1 and level 2 mopai. I'm just not a big fan of reverse breathing. It feels unnatural and whenever I use it it's harder for me to get into a deep trance. Also I'm pretty sure Mopai doesn't involve the MCO
  3. So I've been meditating for a while now but for the last half a year I stepped it up and started meditating at least 3 hrs a day. I just do a simple meditation where I would just focus on my dantian. Around 4 months ago I developed heat there whenever I focus on it. In the beginning it was just warmth and then later on it got really hot. It only gets really hot when my mind is completely focused for like at least 10 minutes on my dantian. That only happened a handful of times because for me its really hard to stay focus on one thought for a long time. Anyways last month it stopped getting really hot whenever i focus on it for a long time and I started feeling pain near my testicles.It hurts a little bit but its not super painful or anything but I feel like energy is flowing to my testicles instead of staying in my dantian. Just wondering if anyone know or experience anything like this and any advice on how to get the heat back to my dantian would be great thanks.
  4. Religion is the poison of Spirituality

    I think John Chang puts it best when he said that "religion is like a walking stick. When you are young, you need help from your parents to walk. When you are old, you need a cane. When you are a healthy adult, you have no need for a cane; if you try to run, it will only hinder you."
  5. Mo Pai and Immortality

    You guys wanna take it outside? I feel like you guys should duke it out. Whoever wins will prove that they are at a higher level and that's the person I'm gonna believe
  6. Is this Mo Pai Level 1 ?

    Well I guess Shifu Lin is out of business...
  7. In other news the sky is blue, water is wet, and peaches are fuzzy!
  8. Meditating on top floor

    Yeah you're right. I have a garage downstairs that I share with my neighbor. I'm going to clean that up and meditate there for now. Hopefully they don't walk in on me during my meditation session. That would be weird as f*** hahah. I was going to buy the metal wire but then I realized I would have to ask my neighbor to plant it in this backyard which is kinda inconvenient since I don't really know them. Sucks living upstairs. Anyways good luck on your cultivation.
  9. Meditating on top floor

    Thanks for the clarification. I always thought what differentiates qigong from neigong is that in neigong when your dantien is filled it's compressed to a smaller size and then sent down into the perineum where it collects yin chi and they both later rise and fuse together in the dantien. This is what I meant when I said combining yin and yang chi. I don't think qigong systems do this.
  10. Meditating on top floor

    The sitting meditation for SM accumulates and stores chi in the dantien. It's a very good meditation. But I don't think SM deal with yin chi though (well not in the book at least) because its qigong not neigong. They don't combine yin and yang chi at the higher levels.
  11. Meditating on top floor

    I guess it's time to move to the Himalayas
  12. Meditating on top floor

    how thick should the wire be?
  13. Meditating on top floor

    I'm sorry I don't mean to be so sarcastic but I really don't know how else to respond to those posts. Of course having a good teacher would be ideal but to say that books are useless and that we should only listen and believe what our teachers say is not only absurd but I think also dangerous.
  14. Meditating on top floor

    Comparing books to toilet paper makes a lot sense. You are definitely a very wise man
  15. Seriously 11 hrs? Wow that's really impressive. I practice 3-4 hrs a day and I thought that's alot. You ever consider going up to the mountains and be a hermit?