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  1. semen retention experience , feelings and doubts

    thank you very much Dao rain Tao, i had at many times checked my urine after having orgasms(non-ejaculatory), i used to pee in a glass, it appears crystal clear 90% of the time, rarely i find few drops of semen in the urine,i have practiced a lot to control the pc muscles,gradually over the years of practice, now i am able to extend my masturbation time to around 2-3 hrs,i think i have control over my pc muscles. u said that u can have retrograde ejaculation at will, but doesnt the term retrograde ejaculation mean that the semen enters the bladder? instead of going to its intended place. if we find few drops of semen in urine,is it harmful? it is strange that i am able to orgasm (non-ejaculatory) without the use of the external locking(using three finger),just internally i sqeeze the pc muscles very hard & this stops the sperms from getting out & i recieve the utmost pleasure. sometimes i fear whether what i am doing is right method or not.
  2. hello everyone, i belong to the land of kamasutra, few months ago i had read Mantak Chia - Taoist Secrets of Love. i have a very high sex drive & as i live alone, i masturbate daily usually for 1-2 hrs,it has become a routine for me and i can ejaculate whenever i want, after reading Mantak Chia - Taoist Secrets of Love, i felt why waste the fountain of life,for the past few months while i masturbate and when i am about to ejaculate, i just squeeze(not using hands) the pc muscles (i dont use any methods given in the book), and i achieve orgasms but dont ejaculate,though sometimes i find few semen drops while i urinate thereafter. am i able to retain the semen? will it effect my health? am i following the right path? i do feel different when i squeeze my pc muscles without touching with hands,reaching orgasms without ejaculating. after doing this i can get an erection soon and have a very long and strong hard on with nice feeling. i had read everywhere that pc muscles should be squeezed before orgasms to delay orgasm,but i squeeze it while before orgasm,keep it squeezed till the orgasmic feeling is over(without ejaculation), does this mean i have retained the semen,because i dont see semen oozing out during the orgasm,just the few drops (that too sometimes,not regularly) that comes in the urine. so i just wanted to clear my confusion regarding what i am doing, does sqeezing the pc muscles prevent ejaculation(giving powerful orgasms) or delays it or both. experts, please throw some light on it.
  3. for the past few months i have been experiencing an interesting feeling after reading Mantak Chia - Taoist Secrets of Love. so would like to share some thoughts and clear my confusion regarding the fountain of life.