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  1. whether or not 100% accurate what experiences are being cultivated at the same time.
  2. Stepping Over Eternity

    Evidently the one who be and knows it, without requiring the existence of the first thought... for some can be and know it quite independent of the existence of thoughts... wisdom transcendent beings likened to a conflagrant mass of fire can certainly be use to describe some human beings...
  3. Stepping Over Eternity

    Actually... SOME people do assume that... then of course some people do other things...
  4. Stepping Over Eternity

    Well it be conceivable that one does actually knows why one acted to trip the trap as one walks pass it, full well knowing that that is what one chose to do... without getting entangled nor entrapped by the crude contraptions... the hunter puts traps on the paths to catch and prey upon those who unknowingly move through there... the cultivator has little use of traps on the path and relies on cultivating an abundant and divine garden with all sort of stuff... I think this will be quickly eliminated for it exposes the crude conceptions and traps hunters use while pointing at the cultivators ways... if thats the case well it will be quite evident that some will actually know full well what was done... that is was what one chose to do...
  5. I am rather insensitive to the power/hierarchy stuff... whomever is right is right and whomever is wrong is wrong... the way I see it, where things get messed up most of the time involves claiming to be what isn't (and/or claiming that what be isn't). A warning flag for me involves emotional and irrational closed mindedness apprehensive trepidation. It is as if daring to even consider a certain possibility suffices to disrupt the delusional integrity and thus consideration of those possibilities becomes taboo... anything but the truth... is acceptable to some...
  6. K maybe the reason it goes towards the person who is feeling the offense stems from the fact that they are responsible for taking offense (well assuming that no offense was meant). Imagine a little boy asking grandma why she looks so old, kind of thing... To some stating the truth corresponds to a statement of fact and to some its an intolerable offensive claim... just maybe the intolerance of the intolerant should be eradicated through 'forcing' them into tolerance of the tolerant :-)
  7. Trolling and Off-topic disruptions

    Just note that some choose to cease to communicate because they realize that other individuals are unwilling to listen to reason... and will misuse whatever is put on the table. It's sort of ironic how intolerant some individuals are of certain individuals while they claim to hold the tolerance flag... Because of individuals actions I choose to edit (delete most of what I had posted to ttb and basically have abstained from further contributions - this being one of the few exceptions ). wanted to add... that the issue of 'no discrimination' involves neither voicing support for or against a particular way... there is quite a bit of discrimination by some who want to cultivate their ways rather than the other ways... and I am being careful to just point the situation without taking a particular stand... what I state applies to each side...
  8. Dignified Discussions via Personal Practice Forum

    'the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents'
  9. Religion is the poison of Spirituality whichever way you want... though realize that what you choose to say may very well be your concoction... and bear little relation to the actual reality... Some think that I am very attached to what I think... evidently I would let it go in a blink of an eye for the right reason... it seems others would rather keep their eyes close rather than let go of what they think... As stated by ... and will keep on wondering...
  10. Religion is the poison of Spirituality

    Well its about the poisons of spirituality and religion... though right now its focused on a farewell parting... may you be well now and always...
  11. Religion is the poison of Spirituality

    I appreciate that... BTW I had a chuckle with something that just happened... I decided to look up the meaning of 'yank', yea I knew what it meant just wanted to take a closer look at what the dictionary had... so I am reading "yank : pull with a jerk..." and got to wonder ... what would be the appropriate word for a nice being pulling something... certainly not a 'yank'... anyways I just pointed this out because of the humorous implications ... hope you enjoyed the comment...
  12. Religion is the poison of Spirituality

    That I quote you to prove it ( or not ) hardly changes the fact it happened ... that you recognize the truth or deny it hardly changes the truth... as I said I find little point in explaining my points to you ...
  13. Religion is the poison of Spirituality

    The people who you claimed become frustrated with me... You did, and you didn't even realized it. I find little point in explaining my point to you ...
  14. The Absolute Present

    Evidently it would be better to have the right ideas than the false ones you have... to believe what is right help you to get to know what is right... then knowing what is right helps to understand the importance of holding the right beliefs.
  15. The Absolute Present

    I revoked my consent for someone in particular here to copy my posts and they choose to ignore and violate said statement... Thus I considered I had to edit/delete my posts... rather than tolerate what that person was doing... I also have chosen to basically wind down and terminate some conversations and cease posting... in a way I reconsider the reasons I was posting here and came to the conclusion that I should be moving on... I enjoyed the interactions here and have learned quite a bit... I believe that I also provided others with much food for thought and maybe helped them learn a thing or two...