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  1. Wow I didn't expect such feedback, I really appreciate all the input. I'm going to check out the books mentioned and look into Eva Wong. I can learn about both subjects regardless of which I decide to choose anyway. As for the self defense martial arts, I'll definitely take mjjbecker's advice and give it some more research as well as checking out those sites. I've done some reading on Tai Chi and the health benefits really appeal to me. I know there are some Buddhist "retreats" where you spend upwards of 6 months at a monastery and you learn the practices. I've read that it is an incredible spiritual journey but I was wondering if there is the same for Taoist?
  2. I have this book as an audiobook , do you have any opinions on it? Feel free to give me advice on any readings that would enlighten me on the subjects.
  3. So if I wanted a nice car, a nice house, nice clothes and all that, would it conflict with Buddhist beliefs?
  4. It's funny you use the word judge because I did't think of it that way but now I realize I do that a lot. I hate to ask the question because of the range of answers I can get but I'll try to make it as specific to me as possible. What is the main difference between what Taoism and Buddhism can do for me considering the mindset I'd like to achieve? I am not looking for a religion or God to follow, rather a path to a life of freedom. Can I go wrong with either one? If I could choose either, what will be the ultimate difference? My possible ADHD is more of a situational problem. The best way I can describe it is that at times I try to fit a square into a circle and rather than paying attention to begin with or at the first sign of a problem, I try to jam it in. I want to clear my mind of all the clutter and learn to give all my focus to on one thing at a time. I'll look into Baguazhang and Chen Style Tai Chi, the latter especially because I've read how it has been used as a way to calm down those with ADHD.
  5. I am very interested in starting a spiritual journey but I am unsure whether Taoism or Buddhism is the right path for me. My goal is to have a mind free of all negative thoughts. I don't want to think negatively of myself or others. At the same time, I'd like to be peaceful and calm. I emphasize being calm because I feel as if my mind sometimes goes 100 miles an hour and I'm not able to slow down and comprehend what is going on. I feel as if I may have ADHD because I have many of the symptoms but I have never been diagnosed. Also, if anyone has knowledge on the subject, I'd like to train in a martial art that has philosophies related to Taoism or Buddhism (whichever is better for me) that is great for self defense. One that tries to subdue the opponent without causing bodily harm but is able to handle dangerous situations (such as a knife attach, possible multiple opponents) effectively. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.