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  1. help I lost my libido again

    Hey its back on now, what a relief. I'm only eating organic eggs from now on no more cheap stuff. Thanks to all who posted.
  2. help I lost my libido again

    Also I recently switched from organic eggs to just regular eggs last week the organic ones were unavailable but I'm gonna switch back again. Hopefully that will cure it.
  3. help I lost my libido again

    ^^^^^^^^ Hey buddy I appreciate you taking your time writing that insightful post. I'm basically shotgun experimenting I try stuff (advice from ppl here as well as my own ideas) for a couple of days here and there and basically nothing gave consistent results until the dietary change. I used to post here like every month collecting ideas on how to boost libido but when I did the steak and eggs thing I was like hey I'm cured no need to annoy you guys anymore lol. I figured I can continue this forever I mean 4 eggs a day is not bad but I'm totally freaking out that its not working now. As far as specifics herbs, the ones I remember as ashwa something and holy basil, and this adrenal adaptogen I took for some weeks. Didn't work at all. The weed was a one time thing I was at a party and got carried away in the moment. I'm eating nuts already and (chicken) liver, but thanks to the 2 posters who suggested these. Libido is life. If its high everything is good. Confidence, self worth, energy, mood. And the opposite if its down.
  4. help I lost my libido again

    Hey thanks for the responses I want to quote some of the above but the formating on this tablet sucks so sorry. Anyway this morning libido is up a bit but I ate 7 eggs yesterday and pigged out at a steak buffet. Im sure its not a placebo I've been good for 3 months in a row now which is the longest I've been in years. Even in brief periods when my libido was back up temporarily I look back and realized I must have eaten some omelettes or something. Its really relieving to find a dietary link because the fix is so simple. I used to experiment with herbs, supplements, breathing exercises, yoga postures, MCO meditation, all kinds of studf. I stopped doing them as soon as I realized I can basically cure myself with steak and eggs. Laugh all you want but it makes total sense since testosterone is made from cholesterol. I think my limit is 4 per day I don't want to get heart disease from eating too much.
  5. I had flat libido for 2 years until October 2014 when I drastically changed my diet. I started eating 3-4 whole eggs a day along with lots of red meat in the belief that it would raise my testosterone. My libido went way way up immediately, I was always horny and it was great. Mood, energy, and sleep all improved. A little over a week ago I noticed my libido and energy levels starting to drop. Now I feel completely flat, no energy, lethargic, sleep problems. I'm eating like 5 eggs a day now and several pounds of steak a week, but still I'm not better. Energy / kundalini stuff is down, like I don't feel the heat or energy as much. Does anybody have any idea whats going on. Could it be that I'm getting tolerant to the foods and maybe I need to back off for a while ? Also I smoked pot once (first time ever) last week around the time this all began. The half life of cannabis can be days but I only did a couple of puffs. Thanks. edit: problem solved, thanks to all who posted !
  6. Perspectives on Narcissism

    ^^^^ Yep but I know how to control it now, how to fire it up and shut it down.
  7. Perspectives on Narcissism

    Lol maybe I'm just unlucky every place I've been, be it school or work, my peers have been obnoxious and conniving little people and my supervisor / director / chairman is almost always a douchebag. Or maybe I'm that guy that everyone is resentful of
  8. Perspectives on Narcissism

    It must not have been very cutthroat then. I swear there is always somebody wanting to stab me in the back I have to be vigilant and stay on my toes.
  9. Perspectives on Narcissism

    Depends on the work environment and position. If you are the supervisor you'd want your employees to be on the same level, as long as they are below you. When one guy comes in and does better than others the rest immediately become jealous and resentful. Even the supervisor may feel threatened. Its just human nature, and admittedly it really isn't conducive to a positive work environment. But when you are in the same position as others, and the competition is cutthroat, you'd want every possible advantage. The trick is to avoid looking like a douche (or a narcissist) while doing it. I've found IRL that some of the most helpful, kind, and even self depreciating people act that way entirely out of self interest. They are merely trying to increase their popularity and influence, and expand their social network. I'm always on my guard against these types.
  10. Perspectives on Narcissism

    ?????? Its always those at the bottom who wish for equality, and they do it by trying to drag down those who are better than them through agitation, riots, and revolution.
  11. Perspectives on Narcissism

    What do you mean by narcissism? There is nothing wrong with having a high opinion of yourself relative to others. There is a wide range of ability, skill, and value among different people, and some are simply better than others. If you are one of these people, being a narcissist is simply a valid expression of a fact. On the other hand, people who constantly compare themselves to others and try to exaggerate themselves while putting others down usually do so out of some kind of insecurity. Those who are really superior do not give a shit about what others do or think, and has no need for any validation.
  12. Finally after 2 years I can post this. I've been searching forever to find a way to regain my libido which practically disappeared after my "kundalini" event. I tried meditating. I tried all kinds of yoga moves, many of my own invention. I tried dozens of supplements. Nothing really worked until I changed my diet. I'm eating a high fat, high protein, high cholesterol, and low carb diet. I'm eating a lot of steak, cheese, eggs, ice cream, guacamole, and nuts. My libido is now way up, pretty much back to baseline. I'm thinking about sex and women constantly and getting random boners throughout the day. I can stay hard for a long time and orgasms are intense. There is no need to retain semen. Sleep quality and overall mood is also up. In the past I've had some false dawns where as soon as I thought some technique or supplement worked it would poop out. But now I've had a sustained increase in libido for over 3 weeks now, and I know for sure its dietary. Watch out girls, I'm coming for you
  13. I've read a lot of anecdotes about how people have gone through one doctor after another seeking a cure for their condition, and finally found relief with acupuncture / herbs / energy treatments / whatever. From this they immediately conclude that such and such system of medicine must be superior to western medicine. Now I ask of you, when the shit hits the fan, when you are suffering from a true emergency, like a heart attack, stroke, or traumatic injury, who are you going to see ? A trained doctor of medicine who can perform invasive interventions and administer the latest medications ? Or some quack who waves his hands around and pretends that all is good ??
  14. I.Q. -- is it important?

    I'd hate to argue over semantics, but in my book, success is something that is accomplished that merits the admiration or jealousy of others. You may have a different definition, but it is certain that intelligence is a critical factor in determining my definition of success. If you think success is the same as personal happiness, well, that's okay, but in that case intelligence probably has a negative effect.
  15. I.Q. -- is it important?

    Success to me is something external. Money, career, women, those are the major factors. Happiness is internal. You can feel happy without finding success. You can certainly be successful but miserable and empty on the inside. No, I am using that particular example to illustrate that high intelligence, even when accompanied by negative attributes, nevertheless suffices to earn one a decent career. There is a stereotype floating around that highly intelligent people are somehow strange, socially awkward, or physically unattractive, but that is far from the norm. I've known plenty of smart people who are awkward, and plenty who are not. The more awkward ones tend to study science, the not so awkward business, law, or medicine, but again there are plenty of exceptions. At any rate, both groups can find success, the common denominator being intelligence. Does that mean that high intelligence is certain to bring about success ?? Of course not. You can fail no matter what your station in life. But my opinion is that high intelligence protects against failure more so than any other positive attribute. Said another way, if I were to select from being smart, being good looking, being physically strong, or having high social skills, and I could only select one, I would pick high intelligence every single time. In fact, other positive attributes don't even work effectively without their intelligent use. What good is having good social skills, if you don't have the intelligence necessary to use those skills to manipulate others? What use is there in being good looking (especially for women) if you don't have the intelligence necessary to use those looks to attract a quality mate, and not a loser ??