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  1. External qi healers

    It is very interesting that some masters use their own, internally generated, qi, while others use a mains power. However, once they harness the power, both types seem to utilize their bodies to conduct and modulate the electric current. I am wondering if what reaches a patient, or at least a therapeutic part of it, is actually the same - a modulated electric current (a bit like the electro-acupuncture) but a master uses his expertise to guide it to suitable points on the body and alongside relevant meridians. I am not saying that this is all there is to external qi, since some masters can project it at a distance, so there must be some kind of a carrier wave which allows it to travel between an emitter and a receiver. A fascinating topic indeed. In the 1990-ies there was a huge surge of scientific research into qigong and qi in China, and many publications were produced. I am not sure why but this research later almost completely dried up, and since 2000 there were only sporadic publications on the topic in China and Japan. I believe that the part of external qigong which interacts with the physical body is grounded in the human electrophysiology. Its precise mechanisms are probably unknown to science, so a scientific revolution is waiting to happen. Bumblebee
  2. External qi healers

    Thanks, Sonhoffman and Snowmonki.
  3. External qi healers

    Hi guys, Thank you for the good feedback. I have energy blockages due to physical injuries in the past. I have been working on this stuff for years. I took Chinese herbs for several years, had acupuncture, and did a number of other things, on an off. I believe that any of those methods can help a lot or even resolve a problem if one finds the right combination of a suitable practitioner and therapy, and perhaps a bit of luck as well. I am still looking for such a combination. As for blood cupping, due to blood exposure, I would expect that it should be done in an environment resembling a doctor's surgery, with all infection control measures. Since this is usually not the case I take it off the list. I have been interested in external qigong for a long time, both as a something to develop internally but also from a western scientific point of view (how does it work physically). In the hands of an experienced practitioner it may be used as a deep level acupuncture, where energy is moved alongside meridians on the surface and deep inside the body. Alan Johnson, a medical qigong master (he is also a martial artist) in the US, who wrote several thick volumes on the subject of medical qigong, covers external qigong in detail. I have never met him myself but judging by the contents of his writings I would expect him to be a powerful qi emitter. However, since I live in the UK I am looking for somebody to work with here. Thank you guys for the names. I need to contact some of those people now. Best, Bumblebee
  4. External qi healers

    The video with the Chinese doctor is cool. Thank you PurpleHeaven. It is a shame that he works 250 miles from London. Best, Bumblebee
  5. External qi healers

    Hi Ed, Thank you for the information and the videos. I am not too keen on blood cupping but I will try to contact the sufi master. I am looking for somebody who can do real external qigong, with no touch or minimal touch. I had it done in Sydney (Australia) several years ago by a Chinese qigong master and could literally feel a kind of electricity zapping the body parts that he touched. Being able to feel something gives me some proof that a given healer/master can actually project qi. Whether their treatment is going to be effective and how they apply the force is probably another matter. Have you heard of Micheal Tse (http://www.tseqigong.com/) and Alex Wong (http://www.selfhealing.org.uk/)? Both of them teach qigong and do healing in or near London, but I do not know if they use external qi? Best, Bumblebee
  6. External qi healers

    Hi, I live north of London (Hertfordshire), UK. I am looking for an experienced energy healer/qigong master in and around London, with a tangible external qi, to help me shift some blockages. I would appreciate any information. Best regards, Bumblebee