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  1. Hi Sean,

    I'm Cathal, I'm new on the site and new to Taoism too :) I'm here to say hi and to ask for a personal practice journal, I think it might help me get some consistency in my practice and that's something I'm seriously lacking just now! I love the site, I've been browsing for a few months and I've found some really helpful stuff and a great community. ...

  2. Hi and half a poem :)

    Hmmm... How do I delete a post btw? Thanks!
  3. Hi and half a poem :)

    Ahahaha, that looks like fun! Thanks, I'll give it a try. I'm really enjoying the SBCJOP btw!
  4. Hi and half a poem :)

    Glad you liked it! I'm definitely following your screaming burning crushing journal of pain, it looks awesome! Could you tell me a bit about the horse stance? I just had a quick google of it and it sounds interesting, getting grounded being one of my major challenges at the mo.
  5. Hi and half a poem :)

    So just a quick hello basically, I'm Cathal, I'm twenty and I'm from Ireland. Always been interested in this typa stuff, things started moving a bit faster for me around this time last year and now I've decided to take steps, build a more regular practice and all that kind of jabber. I'm a bit of a poet, so I'll be posting a few things here and there in time to come. Looking forward to meeting all y'all, and here's some of one of my poems, just a short intro. We ignored the rotting fruit Cut to the core to find the truth To find the pips, to plant the seeds To spread the roots to grow the trees To mark the boundaries of our boundlessness Built embassies of emptiness Where all the keys we found were blessed And opened gates to wilderness Where we searched for why, to where from whence? Looked under seas and influence From centre out to circumfrence On mountain tops we pitched our tents We crept through clefts and climbed to crests Where bumblebees had feathered nests Of warp and weave and woof and weft Of time and space and length and breadth We swore solemn oaths to never part With such a path as held such art As columns sprung from Nature's heart Like lightning's lungs spit Zeus' darts We tracked chariots across the sky And when all was done, lay down to die We greeted death in Western haze And waited life from Eastern blaze The lessons learned we can't express Each moment magick, made and blessed