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  1. Yellowstone super volcano warning

    If this volcano does blow, I think each of us will be right where we need to be at that given time. When a super volcano erupts, it doesn't just affect the people in the direct vicinity. It affects everyone globally. It is always great to prepare for times when food may not be accessible. But at the same time, we should simply learn to trust the Universe. There is nothing we can do about it anyway. Death is but an illusion. Life is but an experience.
  2. Kunlun Book

    I've been practicing Kunlun now for a little over 2 months. I couldn't wait for the book so I drove 3 hours to meet an apprentice. I barely knew anything about the practice and literally had just heard about it, but felt deeply this is for ME. During the first few minutes I felt nothing and thought the practice was mumbo jumbo. Then my legs began to convulse. After a few minutes of that my body began winding. It has been a beautiful and powerful experience for me. The night of my first day practicing at home I had a beautiful dream with Max. Some nights after I was in pain. I woke up in the middle of the night still in sort of a trance. A voice told me to move my head in a very specific way. I did and the pain immediately went away. Instinctively I responded to the voice, "thank you Kan." A few weeks ago I called Max for help using "Kunlun AT&T" when someone brought something into my home with negative attachments. I had children visiting for the week, so I was more concerned for them than I was for myself. After calling him, I felt at peace. I woke up in the middle of the night with a being in my room. It was a feminine energy. She told me she was protecting the children. Additionally, my visions and dreams all around have become far more vivid and meaningful. I say this to say that MY experiences were all beautiful. After reading many of the fear-based comments herein, that could change if I've allowed my mind to weaken to others' perceptions of things. I will not allow that to happen though. I have the opportunity to practice regularly in a group with other Kunluners, as well as access to an apprentice. Solo practice is great, but I gain much more in a group. I am looking forward to the seminar in September. I can only imagine the energy level. Regarding the book, my brother managed to get a hold of an old book (red cover) on Amazon. I purchased the new book almost the moment it became available. There seems to be information that is in the old book, that has not made it into the new book. And much valuable information in the new book that is not in the old. Even if one already knows Kunlun it is an excellent read. I think it far better written than the older book. As I was reading it I couldn't help but to think, "wow, this guy is REALLY smart!" I say buy it if even just for the jewels than practical knowledge of Kunlun. And yes, the holding the ball pose is a bit different in the book than I learned from my apprentice and in the older Kunlun book. I can agree that this path may not be for everyone. I would recommend anyone who is in a state of fear to first address those fears before delving into any practice that will take you to the next level... especially with something that will catapult you to the next level like Kunlun.
  3. Peace

    Hello all... I "accidentally" came across this site while researching a particular form of energy work. I have since read a few of the other topics and I must say this is interesting to say the least. I hope to learn a few things here. Much Love to you all.