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  1. thank you to all three of you guys! fizix thank you for the time you put in to the answer! you guys have given the support i was looking for and more your guy's comments have sparked many possibilities in my mind to help my practice. i would like to ask a few more questions. 1. have any of you guys found it necessary to eat less or that you are able to eat less when you do cultivation/retention? 2. what do u guys mean by reverse breathing? is that another name for alternate nostril breathing? 3. i will consider adding more physical excersize to my routine. However i spend most of my free time with meditation and energy work (especially im trying to learn astral projection and heal me knee) i would like to think that if done properly these activities should work well with feeding off the extra stored up energy. any thoughts? 4. i am starting to think that i am extra sensitive to the negative side effects of ejaculation. or maybe i have just become more sensitive to them by giving it more attention. i really, really, suffer from the cons of ejaculation for at least 12 to 14 days. especially the last couple of years i have had a strong headache/tension/pressure in my forehead after ejaculation. it lasts the whole 12-14 days of recovery time, and it really gets in the way of meditating and energy work. i have spent a lot of time and effort trying to figure out the cause of this and the only thing that helps so far is simply when my sexual energy recovers from ejaculation and is strong enuf to start circulating again. if anyone has any experience with this i would love to hear a little bit from you! i know many say that the seminal energy provides nourishment to the brain, i was wondering if the constant energy cultivation/intermittent failure from ejaculation plays a role here. again thank you for your time guys! if anyone has any more thoughts that relate to what i have just posted i would very much like to hear them!
  2. So I am progressing, but at a slow and bumbling pace. I am talking about seminal cultivation or retention or whatever terms are used. I can go for a few weeks, but here is where I would like some comments. I get so full when I deposit the sexual energy in my stomach( tan tien). If I even have a couple bites of food after 6 oclockish I get so full I am gaurenteed to have a wet dream later that night when I am sleeping. Also It gets to the point, where it's somewhat manageable, but I get so full from the energy it seems like I'm not digesting fast enuf and as time goes by I have more and more energy that needs to be moved, deposited and digested. I would like to finish this by saying that I am deeply in love with seminal cultivation. The feeling is indescribable. I do have some guesses as to how I should proceed but I would also like to hear from you guys. I would appreciate no comments about desire and lust, as I am not having trouble with those, only with the digesting of the energy. Also it's just nice being able to talk to the t bums about this as I don't have anyone else to chat with about it. I appreciate ur guys' support!!
  3. have a few newbie questions for the higher ups!

    Thank you both! I will!
  4. Hello Tao Bums! i am new to forums in general, new to discussing energy work in general! i registered on this forum to learn about sexual energy cultivation from you guys, how do i properlly navigate this forum? i mean which forum should i post in? what are the terms you guys use for "sexual energy cultivation", do you guys call it energy sublimation? so i geuss im just asking how to best use this website to learn from you guys about cultivating energy. i dont have any real blocks right now, but i would like to see my progress speed up and could really use some support! thank you for your time!
  5. Hello Tao Bums!

    Hello all! I am very interested in cultivating sexual energy. i have been drawn towards it ever since i hit puberty but it took years for me to understand the basics of sexual energy. now years later i am taking energy cultivation seriously. i am making slow but steady progress and am learning more every day. however i would love to have some support from fellow practitioners so i have come to you guys for a little advice!