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  1. Here is how I learned to breath -- Swimming lessons, singing lessons. Only takes a short amount of time to listen, watch, and learn. Then swim, sing, run, cycle, dance as often and as long as needed. Can be quite fun to practice. These were learned decades before I even heard of Chi Kung. I am glad that I am learning Chi Kung now. Allows me to continue to be active and healthy. I can't swim, sing, run, cycle, and dance as well as I used to. Chi Kung allows me to keep up with the young ones! There was an interesting thread about the importance of carbon dioxide... If I remember the physiology correctly, there are some dangers from alkalosis if the percentage of carbon dioxide is driven too low (from hyperventilation). Seem to remember that hyperventilation contributed to competition free-diving deaths because body can respond more efficiently to Acidosis (too much carbon dioxide) but is unable to respond efficiently to Alkalosis (too small amount of carbon dioxide) -- in fact, I seem to remember that the body had difficulty in detecting Alkalosis in itself. The Ultimate Method of Breathing (UMB) was referred to in the recent walking chi kung thread. Since UMB was never defined there -- in that thread -- I had to google and dig up this UMB thread. Apologies in advance for reviving this and adding my 2 pence.
  2. walking chi kung

    Hello ChiDragon, In the Stillness Movement version of Chi Kung Walking, I'm acquiring more energy than I'm using. And, I'm seeing the energetic as well as the physical. Apparently, I also move faster. Last time I did Chi Kung Walking, my Wife and the people she sent to find me accused me of getting a ride instead of walking... Very easy on these old cartilage and bones, too. You just glide along.
  3. Space Panda Qigong banner ad

    That Space Panda Qigong banner ad reminds me of Felix Baumgartner's "Red Bull" sponsored stratosphere jump from the balloon. Which in turn reminds me of the yin chi feel of Mother Earth's pull whenever I (foolishly) jump off a tall structure -- like the tallest diving platform, or like the cliffs by the sea.
  4. Yin chi number 3

    I got interested in the scientific explanation of paranormal stuff back in the 70's when this article showed up in my engineering society's peer-reviewed journal: My curiosity led me to discover that Stanford, Princeton, and Rhine Universities were looking into this stuff -- but why was (the late) stage magician James Randi unable to find a psychic? Here's why: Stage magician James Randi retained sole-control of the evidence and contract, and all challengers for the $1 Million prize signed away their right for legal protection. And Randi said that he was not going to give away the prize. An attorney explains here: Reminds me of the current discussion. By the way, I would like to debate you all on why my method of vacuum-seal technology is vastly superior to your ill-founded falsely claimed hermetic technology. (Forgive my attempt at humor here… I really didn't know there was another meaning to hermetic until an hour ago. My wife has warned me that I am an introverted Geek lacking communication skills and sense of humor… ) I think that debating vacuum-seal technology is as necessary as this discussion of Yin Qi.
  5. Yin chi number 3

    Hello More_Pie_Guy, I suspected the following: Your actions and claims do not represent the practices of either system or Lineage. Now, based on information provided by my Teacher and several students--and by actual students in your claimed study area--I find more evidence that Your actions and claims do not represent the practices of either system or Lineage. I am a Westerner. I begrudge the fact that Your actions and claims continue to make Westerners look selfish. By the way, My Experience with Yin Qi does NOT resemble a bird or a desk. I have attempted to read the remainder of your Manifesto, but more important duties are at hand. I am reminded of the ancient maxim: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits." Matthew 7:15-16
  6. Very impressive execution of guerilla cyberwarfare. I wonder who they really work for...
  7. Yin chi number 3

    Hello More_Pie_Guy, I missed the posts where you described your experience with Ya Mu's system. I wanted to compare your experience with my experience. You appear to be a very dedicated cultivator. You probably did very well with Ya Mu's system? But, perhaps, you did even better with Mo Pai? I hate to see any of these systems get disrespected... Many serious cultivators did not survive the "Cultural Revolution." (Total dead in China and Territories: 77 Million dead. More than World War II alone.) Let us honor the dead, our respective Lineages, our respective technologies. Our systems have developed under different conditions, and for different purposes. Let us respect each other, and learn from each other. Permit me to direct your attention to my--apparently too subtle--hint on the nature of technology and ground wires: Both of our Lineages have powerful practitioners. Both our Lineages have suffered from repression. What logic is there in bashing each other? There are real problems to solve. Right now, I'd prefer to focus on the healing properties of my particular practice... I'd like to be prepared in case the World goes completely mad again: there are many injured and sick along with the dead if that were to happen. We honor your Lineage. Please honor our Lineage.
  8. Hi gatitio, I'm curious. By the way, when I'm practicing in public here I make it look like those taichi-for-seniors-type DVD-stuff. Stuck here next to the commercial center of a city, so lots of traffic. Found out how to stop the giggles. Just flow quickly from move to move over and over again, and make big flowing moves. Seems to have a mesmerizing effect on bystanders. But it's really about what's happening to you and the world and between you and your patients (or curious bystanders!) in-between the physical and non-physical realm. The lady's father--in the video--is just one of the many teachers--so the style I've seen in Michael's workshops does not look exactly the same. This is just a somewhat uninformed opinion, but since this is an internal practice, our physical expression of these energies can be different, so while what we do may look different, what we feel can resemble what the lady in the video is trying to communicate.
  9. It was fascinating to attend the Medical/Clinical workshops by Michael. Anyone—who has experienced some non-ordinary sight/feeling—that hasn't visited one of Michael's workshops is missing a treasure. To me, the Qi or aura was the most visible I have ever seen. Even Michael's senior medical/clinical qigong certification program students are capable: startled me when we were gathered around watching a demo by one of Michael’s students, and a purplish-"Northern Lights-or-Aurora Borealis"-type of field flowed around the demo-patient—from the feet being massaged and up toward the head, and then vanishing! (Maybe the Qi field was still there but I lost sight of it because I was startled.) And, during the workshop, if you're on the receiving end of these projections, it feels safe and refreshing—Michael having been trained and practiced as a healer, after all.
  10. What are you listening to?

    I enjoyed that long Ana Vidovic classical guitar set that was posted earlier... That's what we old folk rocked to -- before electricity was invented.
  11. Neigong at the Beach!

    Besides the energetics of the Neigong practice, we had some interesting physical phenomena at the beach. We had the Taurid meteors providing the meteor showers in the evening. And we had long lines of dolphins swimming along the beach -- feeding as the tide came in. Some of us did extra hours of practice on the beach, and got to watch dolphins slowly swimming by our practice spot for half an hour that 3rd day before the sun came up. Regarding the energetics of the Neigong practice -- my first experience occurred after that long set of active exercises we did on the first day. I was in the back, and noticed the unusual "atmosphere" when looking through our ranks as Ya Mu was talking to us. Really difficult to describe -- Seemed like (roughly vertical, kind of jagged) lines moving in a steamy/humid atmosphere. (Hmmm, hard to find an analogy. You know how the fan blades are a blur when when the electric fan is turned on? -- but if you use a strobe light you can see the blades again? Does that make sense as an analogy?) The energetics were switched on and moving around us. Somehow, that long Neigong practice allowed a glimpse of the energetics. (I just barely got in my 100 days of practice before coming to the workshop. Was doing one to two hours of practice every day, and was experiencing some mild improvements in my life.) I know what you mean about the schedule. I hear medical school can be tough.
  12. Neigong at the Beach!

    That was incredible what we saw and did on the third day. To the fellow that treated my high blood pressure -- Thanks! I've been checking it these past two days and it's consistently down. Ranges from 15 to 25 points lower. I'm bringing my sphygmomanometer (cuff and stethoscope) to the next workshop!