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  1. tummo

    I found this site and they are having a tummo retreat this summer. Anyone have any experience with this guy? The website looks very commercialized, I wanna make sure he's legit. I emailed their office to ask if its safe to combine qigong with tummo. I got a response saying there is no danger whatsoever, and it would even improve my qigong practice. I know that even mixing different qigong styles is not a good idea, so tummo shouldn't be any different. So does anyone have first hand experience with tummo (not book knowledge) who can share their opinions?
  2. tummo

    I am interested in learning tummo, but I also practice qigong (zhan zhuang) daily for 2-3 hours. Anyone know if there are any negative side effects if I add tummo to my usual qigong practice?
  3. I also attended the Terre Haute workshop, it was an awesome experience and packed with useful stuff. During the transmission, I felt some pulsating electric sensations in my perineum, then some magnetic feeling in my stomach (and other areas which i've forgotten) ... nothing crazy, I was expecting to be tossed around like the guy in the video but it was very subtle. After Michael walked away i felt some magnetic sensation behind me trying to pull me back. i did fall back 1 step but after that i stood my ground and a tug-o-war ensued. At first i thought it was Michael still working on me, but then i can hear him across the room working on someone else. During the stillness-movement, it was 100 times easier to stop the mental chatter and feel the lower dantien. It felt like i was almost asleep (but not) during the sitting part, not used to the mind being so quiet. Definitely a practice I'm gonna stick with for the rest of my life. My favorite was the tree qigong, definitely gonna have fun with trees everywhere i go. I had my first tree encounter in the sidewalk today, but there were ppl walking around so i didn't wanna look like a hippy treehugger. Can't wait to go camping and get some quality time alone with the trees ; ) Once i log more practice time, i'll be back for another workshop and hopefully i'll be ready to learn the walking/running qigong and taoist medicine. i can't wait!!! Andrew, go for the Pho!!! I just made some today, delicious and msg-free. Lewis
  4. hello

    hello, first post! do i get a prize?