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  1. http://content.yudu.com/Library/A1vgyf/FEB2012NANM/resources/index.htm?referrerUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.newmexico-naturalawakeningsmag.com%2Farchives.htm Article is on page 20-21 This is based on the 8 branches of Chinese Medicine, though Astrology and Geomancy are left out: 1. Meditation 2. Exercise (Qi Gong, Tai Chi) 3. Food 4. Astrology 5. Geomancy (Feng Shui) 6. Massage (Amma Therapy or Tui Na) 7. Herbal Medicine 8. Acupuncture Radiation, Surgery and Pharmaceuticals have since been developed.
  2. "In the stream bubbles appear one new one a second and as we watch old ones pop . . ." There is a story about Albert Einstein. Visitors would come to his home and ask his wife permission to speak with him. She would tell them to wait, for he was in his bath. He took bubble baths and watched the bubbles . . . that's how he engendered his ideas. She would tell the visitor that Albert would be very upset if she disturbed him . . . so they had to wait.
  3. What would peace look like?

    Ahh . . . not this, not that. Did the Arabs know the can of worms they opened when they "invented" zero? Pandora's box has been opened, and the apple eaten.
  4. What would peace look like?

    To agree upon God, we must all agree on upon what God is. Identity has been argued about for ages. We seem to agree upon this, as God being (all that is). But then, what is "all that is?" -therefore defining "all that is not." In this way, I am an atheist also. All words are arguable. This is their nature. God then is not, as Nietzsche wrote. Words are what we are using, for I cannot see your expressions, nor hear your inflections, as you cannot mine. We cannot even smell each other, nor touch, other than our keyboards. Our sight is limited to photons from a monitor. We communicate without a sound, beyond tapping keys and flying photons. As such, I totally agree with you and respect you. Perhaps there are unsensible "rays" connecting us. Communicating. Perhaps we indeed sense them, but having no reference point, must ignore them, or we would become insane. Yes, more definitions. Many definitions. We are. It is written. Logic and reason require precepts. We have all of these. Use them and question them, I tell myself. To me, the word, or concept, of "God" requires an equal "Goddess" to be enfolded, as in yin and yang. And as in consummation, must be One, timeless. Corridor to Tao, which exists thrice, only in eternity, nothingness and now. Equal in non-existance as in existance, the ten-thousand things. A basis of Tao, as I'm sure you know, is that it can never be spoken, only alluded to. And even this is not real. With what is real, with what I experience, I can only agree. Disagreeing leads to undesired conflict. Leads to seeking what is not real. And so, to mix in Zen as is my want, I have slain many a Buddha on the road. All of them were me.
  5. What would peace look like?

    ty Marblehead. New to this forum (or any forum), I'm enjoying the focus on Taoism. Posts spark thought, and posting leaves empty spaces, sometimes answered. Some have said "Space is the final frontier," and maybe they're right. To be happy and peaceful in one's space is a Godsend. Are we all Gods? It's too balky to preach "Goddesssends." Language forges thought, some say. But language is our tool, our ones and zeros in computerspeak, through which we communicate. May you love words and silence . . . I appreciate appreciation. Thinking beyond language is another thought, without a word: May we craft that word, and so communicate. Tower of Babel, I think the bible called it. Still, that is our destiny. Appreciate thine enemies and even their opposing words, for all this gives a place, which once was empty, a certain type of friction which can be used to propel each of us in the direction of our whim, or better yet, of a well thought of, yet perhaps wordless, eternity. Happiness in a moment carries on to the next day. You have sparked this series of keyboard strokes, and again, thank you.
  6. What would peace look like?

    The secret is to find peace in the piece. Knowing that the piece is one, and being the one in peace, is a start. For what is in one piece cannot be helped but to be in all.
  7. What would peace look like?

    When puzzle piece try be what is not, it no longer fit. The jiggy saw puzzle never complete then! 1 person ruin all puzzle and peace not possible! that is why many people live group, small group, but very of them! Happy they be and peace, like nature =) Technologically, I don't know all the controls yet, could be better educated. Forums are a mystery to me. I don't know how this will look when I "add reply." But I love it! When all the pieces are connected, the puzzle is One. We, the many, are one. And we are powerful, but a step away from Tao.
  8. What would peace look like?

    I have a small garden in my yard. Encircled by bricks, there is a rose, lavender and some day lilies. A hive of large red ants moved in a few years ago. I never see them unless I flood the garden, three times a week in summer (I live in high desert). Then they swarm. They have not bitten me yet. I leave my garden to them until they return to their hive. Without war, there would be no contrast with peace, and so peace would not be. The conceptual always works this way. To be at peace is to be a peaceful warrior.
  9. What are you watching on Youtube?

    http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/mythology/the-divided-brain.html Not YouTube, but forbiddenknowledgetv.com has some cool videos.
  10. Sameness

    Thich Nhat Hanh in Zen Keys spends many words elucidating that "emptiness" is not the concept of emptiness; it is the concept which needs disappear. Once there is no word and no concept, reality (or emptiness, enlightenment, etc.) is experienced without division: "The concept of emptiness . . . is the enemy of emptiness." We can all still sit in our chairs. We just think too much.
  11. Nice site

    Hello all, I'll be browsing now and then. davesdom (Dave S, DOM)