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  1. Any acupuncturists on board?

    limited knowledge...but I do train it.
  2. Some Info on Hu Yaozhen

    It maybe a reflection of how you asked or inserted yourself in this thread. Have been so busy looking for the reaction of others that you did not really look at yourself to see if the questions/Statements was appropriate or respectful, perhaps? I wish that we could all communicate in a measured and mindful way. I do not know what you truly want to accomplish, but your methods are tiresome and unwelcome. I do not need someone to pick my brain in order to justify what their ego needs to fulfill some internal "Pat on the Back".
  3. Some Info on Hu Yaozhen

    I would like to simply add something here. I have trained Qigong for 25 years. How can I speak for any of the 7000 other systems that exist? How could I compare their effectiveness to what I do without LEARNING and DOING it? I Cannot! No one can! We cannot speak for another type of art unless we do it ourselves. The scope of Qigong is so large that I could not break it down to its basic roots of the Sien Tao or even older methods. Qigong has roots so old that we can only come to an understanding of how old it is by comparing the Native American Teachings to Asian and Siberian Arts do we see that what we ALL do, you, me, ALL of us who train in the energy arts have a common ancestry that can be 15,000 years old! (If not far far older) When did certain energy arts become "The RIght Way" during that history? Who can say such a thing? Each art has its methods, each is part of the Tao. To learn what the Tao is (Something ineffable) one must experience it. Is that not true?
  4. Some Info on Hu Yaozhen

    Well, it is quite simple. Set up a time with someone to discuss it in length over the phone, or skype or go see them in person to learn the method. If you are looking for specific results done in a controlled study, there have been quite a few in fact. David Eisenberg, MD had written a book about his personal encounters with Chi Kung. "Encounters with Qi" This book does have some very well detailed accounts and citations concerning the effectiveness, as well as a critical view of what is to be effective or not. If you are skeptical of this then either learn it and debunk it for yourself or enjoy it's benefits. If you want to offer what methods you enjoy and have been successful to you, put something together either in a video or a detailed explanation.
  5. Some Info on Hu Yaozhen

    I can tell you my personal experiences as well. I do not wish to recount for students or others who I have taught. Their experiences should be relayed by them alone. I was afflicted with Childhood Fibromyalgia (A very sever case which I am in only .5% of the population deal with), scoliosis and chronic Myafacial syndrome. I can live a fairly active life, caring for my parents, training twice a day and teaching 7 days a week despite dealing with these issues. This does not also account for all the injuries I have received over the years, including crushing my T-11 while working. Am I fully cured? No. I will be. If there is a specific timeline for success in being fully healed I do not know what that is. I am no longer interested in someone else's perception of how fast something should work. That is their issue. I however have been working with others as well with great success. I do Field Healing on my Mother who has a Tumour on her Pituitary gland and I have volunteered for energy work at the Cross Cancer institute here in Edmonton. An MRI from 2011 and another in 2012 had shown 60% shrinkage of her Tumour. Something the Doctors were baffled with. I remember when they were viewing the images in the Hospital. They were so amazed they had called in other surgeons to view it for themselves. They had never, NEVER seen that happen before. Dr. Broad, My Moms Surgeon had 45 years experience up to that point. Every couple of days I do Qigong in the room with my parents and work directly on my Mom. So, I can honestly say it has made a significant positive changes in our lives. EDIT: I did not account for all experiences, this is just a very very quick run down of the last 25 years. I did not include dream experiences or and "Unique" waking elements as well. I should also note I have been a Practitioner of Flying Phoenix since 1994. I have been doing the Hunyuan and Yi Chuan for only a year, but with great success and I enjoy it immensely.
  6. Proving you can't have a rock in your hand

    ...I dropped my rock...
  7. Depression's Truth

    Very nicely written and I can tell you truly have experienced the challenges of not just the elements of mental paralysis but also the stigmas that can go with it. Cheers to you as well.
  8. Depression's Truth

    I have been challenged by Chronic depression for almost all of my life. I am able to maintain a more balanced state through chi kung. Chronic depression is truly like living in hell. It has paralyzed me in many ways for a long long time. I am grateful that I am in a different place, but it is amazing what tiny events can do to set one off into a deep spiral. My experience with it has shown me how it is seen as a major weakness in western society and even more-so in the martial arts community. If you suffer from deep chronic depression it is seen as "Your Fault". This of course can add even a greater burden to those afflicted. I have a major trigger towards those who would blame me for having this challenge. I do find I just no longer communicate with many people as I can not take their perception of me and still work on being at peace. Add to this the fact I have chronic pain syndromes that even further devalue me in our society of masks and material. I will not lie, I feel bitterness and resentment in many ways at times, yet I believe I will let these things go as well. I find the greatest insult is those who offer cliche advice. Such as "The body is an illusion, as is your pain...just let it go..." Yes yes yes...brilliant Guru advice...thank you. I know that since I did not instantly become one with the universe, nor see past the illusion of the body by the end of the day that I am not enlightened or awakened. Perhaps we can simply not talk down to one another...and believe me...all that truly is is ego spiritualism. Do not be helpful to someone with things like that. (CT I am NOT referring to you....just one of many "Helpful" spiritual healers that offer their unasked advice.) Though I may be weak in the eyes of others, I feel I have done very well to keep moving forward, despite these challenges. I am actually experiencing a LOT of body pain I'm a bit pat me on the head and move along...
  9. Who I don't want to be my Teacher?

    No, not at all. I know that even a Transformation I am a beginner. I am very far from WuWei and emptiness still. I am insecure at times, angry and I suffer from severe depression. Where I am now is a mountain from where I was, yet I see the MOuntain of Everest ahead. Still I do take time to look at the sky. Yet I do not wish to fool myself from understanding that I have a great peak to get to yet...I do not even know what it looks like, smells like. I can only imagine the sweet smell of the crisp air. I only know the names and methods, not the personal outcome. I do the work, with the knowledge I must still taste bitter before I taste sweet. If I were a Humble or enlightened man I would let others find their path, with no expectation for themselves or for me. I would not debate the points of enlightenment and the path towards it. I do know that...I do not know. That is all I know. But I really do not like One method, One Path, thinking. I try to remember my Path is not for everyone. To find a truth means a truth only for you.
  10. Who I don't want to be my Teacher?

    I am afraid that is circular reasoning. If you are referring to the idea of emptiness or the path of WuWei, it is not about suppression. It is about understanding the Tao without emotional reaction. We transform our Anger, fear into understanding. With understanding comes acceptance, with acceptance we can see a path of peace. The empty cup that can be filled again and again. Since all beings grow in this world with fear and anger we must first learn to transform through cultivation of the mind. Suppression is to `Push`or `Subdue`. This is NOT cultivation, but ignoring the emotion, so it is placed away. If this is the method you wish to teach and personally use that is your path. I tire of hearing `The Higher more advanced` method. Honestly...that shows such a lack of humility when people use those terms. It is a false face with the agenda of the ego. A form of manipulation. I am NOT a humble or enlightened man. I do not know the answers...but I do know when to recognize a Jehovah Witness trying to sell me a car that Christ drove mentality. As Buddha had said to a Heckler once. `I return your gift to you. I have no use for it`
  11. Who I don't want to be my Teacher?

    I would point out to casual observers that this is not a shared view. Suppression can lead to sickness, so I would ask that this quote should be taken with a grain of salt. In my experience suppression is an easy route, taken by many, thus it leads to many illnesses. Transformative training (Of the mind) requires time and constant work. As for the rest of this post I would suggest we look at it from this point of view. Are we being Fundamentalist? Are we so secure in our personal views that it must apply to all? The idea of the Tao is to explore it, physically and mentally, as graceful as our current understandings will allow. I most certainly do not have all the answers, yet few truly do. The idea is for us to explore it individually and discern good advice derived from experience or bad advice derived from ego. That in itself becomes a great source of learning.
  12. Who I don't want to be my Teacher?

    I train with 2 Men. My Main Style is Bak Fu Pai, with Sifu Joel Rizzo, a Direct Lineage disciple of Grandmaster Doo Wai. The other is Ken Cohen who was taught by Grandmaster Feng Zhi Qiang and Madame Gao...Both Master Hu's Students. I have only recently learned the Hun Yuan. I enjoy it Immensely.
  13. Who I don't want to be my Teacher?

    Ok. I understand. I just found it odd the comment came from out of nowhere, like a I missed someone elses post.
  14. Who I don't want to be my Teacher?

    Good god...that is not what I am referring to... I want to know why you said "If someone tells me that Chi Kung has nothing to do with breathing, then, I will walk away speechless." I am really curious where that came up in this discussion or if was on one of the videos...
  15. Who I don't want to be my Teacher?

    Can you give me an idea what you are referring to? I would like to know please.