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  1. Dzogchen book recommendations?

    Thanks guys. Has anyone read this: Dzogchen: The Self Perfected State Also any Dzogchen veterans that can give some tips/wisdom from the path? _/\_
  2. Dzogchen book recommendations?

    Okay to clarify, I'm not so much interested in the history, I'm looking for practical instruction and explanation of the path and how to walk it.
  3. Can anyone recommend a good book on Dzogchen? Looking for something comprehensive.
  4. Train Your Brain, Engage Your Heart

    Thanks for bringing me to this book. It's amazing on a lot of levels, and I've bought more than one copy to give out to people that need it most. _/\_
  5. Revelations of the Magi

    So wise men from China brought three precious gifts. Three treasures anyone? Apparently in the text, Christ tells them he's turned up loads of times before. Interesting.
  6. "Berasith bara elohim"

    The name Elohim is indeed plural. I think it only appears in Genesis. Most English translations simply translate this as "God", but most English translations of Christian texts are bad translations of bad translations. As I understand it, the Elohim were supposedly a group of divine beings that did the grunt work in genesis. A bit like angelic contractors, but without their bum cracks hanging out. I think you have to go back to really early or even pre-christian texts to find out anything about it anyway.
  7. Hey Bums

    Hi, I'm the latest bum on the block. Been doing some qigong on and off for 6 months and lurking on TTB for the last week or so. Been thinking about going to Vipassana, as a lot of people I know have recommended it. Hopefully will get to discuss some interesting stuff and get some good qigong/ meditation advice, as well as the hilarious entertainment provided by your flame wars. I come bearing popcorn.