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  1. I feel the chi in my head while meditating

    Hi - I'm actually doing a search of Tao Bums because I'm experiencing this same sort of thing. Except mine is very uncomfortable. Seems to be a lot of activity in my 3rd eye and crown chhacras. All I've done, really, is emptiness meditation or white skeleton. But now, every time I meditate, it seems to go strait to my head. I'm not too concerned with the discomfort, but I'm wondering if its safe? I'm not ready to start hearing voices or seeing things that I don't already see ;-)> Maybe someday, but I don't think today...
  2. Hi, Tao Bums :-)

    I arrived here through an interest in Mo Pai, and have found great value in the various posts that I've seen. Thanks to everyone for being a part of TTB. I have some very general questions about meditation, and particularly about the 3rd eye and crown chakras, if anyone's interested in sharing their wisdom. :-). I may try to start a new topic in the general forum.
  3. Chen - I would like to speak with you about Mo Pai level one. Much thanks in advance. You can email me through my profile: