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  1. blurred vision/cross eyed

    Could anybody recomend some good eye exercises? I think i probably could benifit from some tips in having a wide angle view but remaining focused, it's like i'm either a 4mm lens or a 400mm lens, if i try and stay aware i get distracted slightly by what's going on outside the room and then if i concentrate i lose all peripheral vision and end up cross eyed. At any rate thanks for making me think about it more guys, i think the cross eyed part is definatly from hanging out too much at the zoom end of my vision
  2. blurred vision/cross eyed

    hmmm i don't think it's an allergic reaction because it's happened at another place i took a kung fu lesson at. And it dosn't happen when I meditate on my own - only after kung fu and ch'an class. i have a theory after re-reading the other post though, and i think i could be trying too hard to understand things, i just have to keep thinking 'ing' /wu wei and fingers crossed it will go away. A while ago i read that if you're dislexic you view things alittle bit randomly so you should try and watch things from up and behind your head so maybe i'll try that and see if that corrects it, thanks for your help
  3. blurred vision/cross eyed

    Hello everyone! This is my first time on this site but i wanted to ask a question about vision. There was an older post relating to eye sight which was quite helpful, but it didn't answer all of my question so I was wondering if any wize, (or unwize) souls could help me out here. Every morning i meditate and I love it, I just use a simple having a wonder round the body losening things that need loosening sorta thing and it's great. I also do Kung fu and go to ch'an buddihst teaching hour. The thing is, after kung fu and the teaching hour my eye sight goes crazy. It's a mix between cross eyed and then swimming all about the place and colours getting more saturated. At first it scared me alot, but last time i just decided to see what would happen and relax into it abit and it was ok, my neck felt alittle looser and i felt alittle less spooked out by it. I still am quite spooked by it though, i suffer from quite server dyslexia so it might be that, although that sort of thing only happens when reading and definatly not to the same extent. I would very much like to know what it is though as i'm not sure how good a thing it is as i don't feel very present when it happens. Miranda