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    Goldisheavy, It is no use wasting time on Sunya or Mikaelz as he was known is his pre-"I am a deep scholar/philosopher/intellectual"-illusion days. He was parroting Xabir and doing cut and paste from other Buddhist forums and when his cacophony was challenged, he kissed Vajrahridaya's ass and begged him to come to this forum to save his ass. He was so taken by Vajra, he even copied silly stuff like making a show of Sunya - minsdtream known as Mikaelz, in true Vajra style. A lot of folks stopped arguing with Sunya not because of his intellectual prowess or sound arguments, but because of his obnoxiousness. When he realizes that he cannot win an argument fairly (which has been every damn time he has gotten into one), the true and eternal sissy Self emerges out, throws a hissy fit and makes grand declaration about how stupid this forum is and why he will not be back here. Needless to say, the cat drags him back every time And every time he lands here with a deeper belief that he is enlightened to a greater degree. Be it with Lucky or any others who take pains to question his deeply rooted dogma, you can see him get abusive. He has collected a few quotes, most of them from Norbu's books and he mindlessly parrots them. Original thoughts? From him? Are you kidding me? Well, try your luck, you may be successful in engaging him in an argument. He will dish out some more quotes Vajra style (or as close best he can get), then get abusive, finally throw a hissy fit like a true drama queen that he is lol and disappear into oblivion for a fortnight till the cat drags him back to another thread filled with the same old stale Thusness quotes
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