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    Then I guess I will start practicing guided by this master asap I guess it will be at least a starting point...I just hope what he teaches is not a rip off for westerners but that he follows traditions Anyway thanks again a lot
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    Again, thank you for the reply Actually, I've found a local taoist chinese master of some school called Quan Zhen and Taiji Tong Fa...he said he teaches Chi Kung and Nei Kung...do you know anything about these schools?
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    Thank you
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    Hi ChiDragon, thank you for your answer. I am a bit confused because from what I've read I understood that Nei Kung actually includes Chi Kung, but that Chi Kung itself limits you not bringing you so far. I might be wrong of course and I'd be happy to receive more explainations
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    Hello everyone. In this post I'd like to introduce myself to this really interesting community, telling a bit about who I am and why I am here. Actually, I am just a boy, being 20 years old(almost 21)...I am Italian(born and grown up there) but I left my home and I came to England, where actually I'm preparing for a career as videogame programmer. I was always interested in martial arts and I practiced them from the age of 8 to the age of 16...first I practiced kick-boxing but then I moved to Aikido...I was attracted by the internal works of our being but I didn't know about chinese arts and also I had to leave the training because of personal problems...now after some years(in which I lost all my training ) I feel ready to take the path again and to fully experience myself... I got interested in the art of Nei Kung after reading of it on the internet and later on the Kosta Danaos' book, "the Magus of Java"...actually, I've always believed in internal energies and I found many principles explained a complement to what was my own personal philosofy even if I was critic towards everything I read...I can't really say if everything written in that book is true or not but I guess there are many topics about it, so it will be interesting to discuss about it there... Anyway, if there is someone who can point me a point to start practicing Nei Kung or other suggestion, it will be really apreciated I am really interested in the school of Mo-Pai, but I read the teachings are closed to the western people now...anyway I don't want to give up so quickly so if there is someone who has experienced this school it would be really nice to share experiences and points of view I hope I haven't bored you with this long topic Sincerely, Marco