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  1. Waking up disorientated or confused

    Thank you Everything! This speaks a lot to me - your reply - because ever since I have taken this path I've really wanted to be lighter in so many ways. It seems I easily lose sight of this. The advice on suppressed subconscious beliefs will be taken into account. Without a doubt, it speaks straight to me. The whole reply is full of great insights! I'm really glad you wrote all of this! So thank you again. I notice a lot now, energy coming off of certain people. Namely when watching martial arts vids. This must be the vibrations you speak of. I always noticed as a child, that Dali, the great Spanish painter, was very adept in seeing vibrations. You'll notice a lot of his later paintings, namely "Hallucinogenic Toreador," has great references to what must commonly be the Aura. I am greatly interested in this right now. If you have any great info that you would like to lead me to or share, I would love to see! Take care!
  2. So today, about 7 hours ago, I awoke (rather quickly it seemed) and stood up out of my bed and discovered that my body was that of a drunkard's. I was in a state of drowsiness but my body was full of energy and wanted to do things. It was when it hit me that I was nearly detached from it and normal coordination responses all failed. But i felt perfectly fine and I went back to laying down. The spiritual realm was very easy to access and even right now I am not fully in align with this body. (that is quite hilarious to walk in at the moment!) Edit: sleep inertia I have researched it and it's not that exciting really. But it certainly is a weird day. the description I wrote above was poorly written now that I look back at it in a less groggy moment. so i removed some of it.
  3. Celestial Amusement

    That was intense! I just downloaded Hyugen's Titan descent as well in silent HighQuality format - Thank you for sharing these videos.
  4. Closed Eye versus Open Eye Meditations

    I recently have been doing open-eye meditation in a method that is described in the attached video. Harada Roshi has some great tips. For me, I have noticed that doing this in nature around a lot of plant-life is an especially effective tool for your eyesight. My visual perception has increased dramactically and I don't have 'floaters' in my eyes anymore. (i think that's what they call em. -Those little blurry things in your eyesight) I have noticed that I will get what I will call "fractal vision" from doing this effectively in nature. It's very similar to the clairvoyance that one may experience under the influence of magic mushrooms in the forest. Like, hyper-vision! Everything is very sharp and clear. I mention this because I don't get the same effects from closed eye meditations that I do in the same area of wilderness.
  5. What would peace look like?

    I have always been annoyed by competitive people. That is one of the things that I have done my greatest to avoid in life. A friend of mine is extremely competitive, and loves to make competitions out of everything. For instance - once in the mountains I was throwing rocks and trying to know down sticks. He comes up and says let me try...and before I know it we are apparently in competition to see who can knock down the sticks more efficiently. It really drained the fun entirely out of my game and I prefer to practice skills alone now because of these kinds of situations. And I do notice in these strange days an intense amount of competition. Even between my closest friends. I had to meditate on this because I found myself one day weighing up my friends like a roster. "Who is doing best?" It disgusted me and I am glad I found that darkness in me to eradicate it immediately! I determined that it was a result of low self-esteem. Just as Vmarco mentions. Man, and i really dislike those who breed vicious dogs. Everyone knows their purpose. Pitbulls specifically are treated rotten so that they will have more desire to bite anyone.
  6. I shall join you!

    I've been browsing these forums for about 3 months now - here and there. And after assessing that this is indeed a wonderful place, I make an account. I'm usually not a forum-guy, but the postings and community here seem awesome, so I will try and become a great contributor too. A little about myself: roughly one year ago god contacted me and led me to a very strange website describing ninjutsu and a meditation technique. I learned fast and quickly was led to other arts, such as qi gong, kung-fuand many Shaolin skills. My dream was to befriend the local foxes and I asked Inari for help. A week later a young all black fox appears and it is the most spiritual animal I've ever seen. A week ago I ate mushrooms and asked god if we could see my totem and young foxes started jumping around in my head and playing and tugging at my clothing. So now I know my path and I have much to learn and share. I'm looking forward to learning many great things about Tao and energy. I saw that people have been talking about "energy balls" which excites me because I came to the conclusion that they exist without seeing such posts. Now I want to learn how to make shock balls too! lol