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  1. Qigong...demonic related?

  2. mercury tooth filling removal

    You do not want just any dentist taking it out. It was one of them that put it in, right? They don't think there is anything wrong with them in the first place. I just had mine taken out 8 months ago. You need to find a dentist that thinks the same way you do about them. He is likely to do it right and keep you safe. If it is a matter of money then wait a little longer and save up to get the job done right. You don't want any more mercury in your system than there already is. Good luck!
  3. Who to train with?

    Wow, nevermind that last question. I did some reading around on the forum and see that kunlun is a touchy topic here.
  4. Who to train with?

    What does anyone know about Kunlun?
  5. Who to train with?

    Thank you for your input, Prince. The videos are great! I would like to know more about this guy. Is he here in the U.S.? Thank you, Snowmonki.
  6. Who to train with?

    Thank you, chi2012. Hmm, I can't find much on Bapak Muhammad.
  7. Who to train with?

    Thank you all again. This has been a big help! I have decided to go train with Mr. Lomax sometimes this summer. Also, thank you Mr. Lomax for your time on the phone and posting here. I will be checking your site for a workshop I can attend.
  8. Who to train with?

    Hey, guys. I chatted with Mr. Lomax on the phone a couple of days ago. He seems like a good guy. I like what he had to say , his videos, and what you guys had mentioned about him. I think I will be training with him this summer. This is going to be a great step in my qigong/energy work practice I hope! Thanks again everyone for your help!
  9. Who to train with?

    Mr. Lomax seems to be popular here. I will look into his workshops since I am looking more for the healing route. I looked at his video's. Is he shocking these people with his chi or poking them? I can't figure it out. Tiger, would you post your experience with the workshop when you get back? Thank you all for the postings!
  10. Who to train with?

    Thank you everyone for the replies and suggestions. School will be out in 4 weeks then it is off to a seminar somewhere. I went to wim hof's 3 day workshop recently. That guy is a lot of fun! We sat around and did some breathing exercises and laid in the ice bath at the end of the day. I am still doing the breathing that was taught in class and it feels really great! About a year ago I went to Jeff Primack's qirevolution seminar. He seemed nice enough and we (me and my gf) really got a good buzz at the seminar. We came home and weeks later still felt great until we stopped doing it as much a couple months later. I just don't want to do something. I want to know what I am doing and why. You can ask questions in the seminar but I want a more one on one kind of experience. A small group that questions can be asked is better for my learning. When school is out I am going to do some qigong with master jo in California. Obviously, he knows what he is doing and I am really excited to do some qigong exercises with him. I called his office in California but there is a language barrier going on between me and the girls that work the phones. I think the woman on the phone said I show up and do hour sessions with him. I am not sure, lol. So I will just make an appointment, show up and see what happens. It is 4 days I believe. I will be getting a healing treatment too. I was hoping for a seminar with him but I will take what I can get. I have heard that it's hard to understand him and the interpreter because of the language barrier but I want to meet and train with him anyways. Whatever happens I should kick a kick out of it and take something home I can use. I would like to find a teacher that I could fly back and fourth to every so often. You know, learn this and that and learn more from there when I am ready. So you all kind of know where I have been with this stuff now. Thank you all again for your time to help. I hope to hear more from you all soon!
  11. Who to train with?

    Hello everyone! I have been dabbling with cultivating chi over the last 5 years or so. It is time to get serious. Unfortunately, there are so many opinions about what to do and how to do it right. I have been traveling around the U.S. going to seminars and am not afraid to spend the money to get the right teachings. I have a healing practice currently and am attuned to various things, reiki, the reconnection, deeksha, the matrix seminars... I feel it is time for me to get serious now with qigong or something alike. As you can tell I am new to this. So, the question is...if YOU had the extra cash and time to fly anywhere in the U.S. and attend a seminar or train with a teacher where would it be and who would you like to train with? Thank you for reading this post and I hope to hear from everyone soon!
  12. Hello

    Hello everyone! I am interested in healing work and cultivating chi. It's nice to be on the forum. Thank you.