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  1. Jing and precum

    Hey guys just a quick question, I'm taking up celibacy and quitting masturbation and porn However I've noticed that I am producing more precum, even when I am not thinking about anything sexual Its just enough to coat my penis and doesn't go everywhere but it is a new experience for me Is this still ok? Its not going to affect progress right? Thanks guys
  2. Hey I'm usually fine, but today I was constipated and I was wondering if doing the microcosmic orbit or bringing any energy from the lower tan tien to the head is ok in this state? Just want some opinions on the matter The toxins don't get absorbed or anything do they? Thanks!
  3. Obviously jing is transformed into generative fluid to create offspring, but I was thinking of getting a vasectomy and I assume that most jing is used to create the sperm and very little would go into the non sperm part of semen
  4. I mean typically, vitality is stored in the lower tan tien and gets transformed into sperm and then has to be reabsorbed into the body again to be used for alchemy correct? What happens if it doesn't get transformed into sperm and just stays in the body?
  5. Ross from brisbane

    Hey guys!