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  1. Hey.....and now have severe back and neck pain. Left foot and left pinky finger even. Doctor said my spine is badly injured. I will do qigong again to try and fix. Anyone have any advice? Waking up each day is a painful experience at times.
  2. Was just wondering how many of you practice chinese traditinal martial arts along with your qigong? I have had some teachers...not my teacher....but others.... tell me that qigong shouldn't be practiced unless you have been doing a CMA for at least a year or qigong will be virtually useless.....and i disagree with this....i just wanted to get others opinions...because to me it seems both are linked but qigong is also separate at the same time if that makes any sense.
  3. Update on my progress

    Hey everyone...i was having a lot of problems with qigong earlier...i just wanted to say that with a lot of help from Clarity, who is a poster on here, I have improved greatly.....he did some energetic work on me and cleared up a lot of blocks that I had....i wasn't sure what to think at first, but each time he cleared these blocks, i felt a hiuge difference...i am now doing qigong 5 times a week with minimal issues as opposed to before i could only do it 2 times a week and felt drugged up the whole time and sluggish with a lot of brain fog and tra[pped in my heads feeling....because of blocks.according to Clarity.....but if any of you are having similar issues...I would highly recommend him. And he did all this for free....amazing. I was even starting to believe qigong was evil before he helped me....but now i feel rejuvenizzed and fresh after qigong long as i don't practice my longfist form too much out in this hot summer heat that is before my qigong....but many thanks to clarity.
  4. Does anyone else get sick after static qigong?

    I just drink once on the is that being an alcoholic? Anyways....I am conducting the no drinking experiment so I can know once and for all......haven't drank in 11 days and want to see that if in a month and a half or 2 months of no drinking if I improve or not. Once i improve...i don't want to drink ever again...i am tired of this vicious cycle....feel like a hamster running on a wheel. Heavy Kungfu practice with lot's of sweating also makes me feel bad each day....but nothing like when the qigong is added on top of it. And I do self accupuncture using my hands on the areas 3 inches below the wrists and rub my ears....any key places i need? Okay, i just clicked on the liver channel link...will buy once of those massage thingies...they are everywhere here at the night markets and shops.
  5. Does anyone else get sick after static qigong?

    I do my qigong right after and/or between my kungfu there is a lot of moving and squatting down going on.......yeah...that liver line is helpful..thanks....i also get 2 hour traditional full body Thai massages every in Taiwan they are cheap. And sometimes a full body Chinese massage.....i guess drinking has to be the main culprit.........guess i need to stop....but even my kungfu instructor said he drinks a bit on the weekends and said there should be nothing wrong with it....of course he doesnt know i used to be an alcoholic and then hooked on sleep meds....well, he knows the sleep meds part....i didn't drink this past weekend and don't plan on anytime soon...i have to try and advance my qigong practice to restore my body and nervous system to it's original state.
  6. I just want to know if there are others out there like me. My nervous system gets really sensitive after qigong practice and lasts for 2 days usually....but it always feels good during practice...i have OCD and that problem becomes huge after qigong think horrible thoughts that make me feel horrible in kungfu instructor keeps telling me to ignore it and its part pf the process but at the same time he tells me he never had any of these feelings... i have been doing it for 3 months and now only do it once or twice a week because of the sickness also feel extreme brain fog, spacey headed feeling and just hporrible like i am clogged up everywhere.....but i can also feel good stuff like everything around me is moving in slow motion and i am hyper alert of every little detail...and my sleep problem has improved hence why i havent quit it altogether but the OCD feeling is overqwhelming at times...horrible horrible thoughts that i am too ashamed of to share on this forum.......i used to be addicted to a strong beno medication and my neverous system is still weak because of that and drinking sometimes on the weekends always knocks me back down a few pegs on progress, so i keep telling myself this is my problem and qigong is not the problem,,,,but at the same time i have doubts... does anyone else feel mentally and emotionally sick after qigong practice??? I practice a form where you hold your arms and hands out infront of your dantien in a circle and raise them up to out in front of your chin while breathing in and imaging a ball of blue energy resting in my palms connected to my breathe like a pulley system and then palms facing down and move arms and hands down toward the dantien while breathing out and still imagining the pulley system connected to the ball of feels great while i am doing it...but afterwards it feels too powerful for my body to contain....i do this for only 30-40 mins once a day twice a week....i was doing it successfully 5 timnes a week and had reached a plateu where i felt great everyday after doing it but then began drinking a lot on the weekends and my nervous system went back to i wonder if the problem is the qigong or drin king on the qweekends....its difficult to tell ...
  7. Battling addiction and the road ahead

    Hello Matt, be glad that you are only you age alcoholism literally destroys your nervous system and the the real fun starts with symptoms such as panic attacks and insomnia and generally feeling like you are losing your mind and then using stuff like benzos...powerful sedatives that further destroy your nervous system in order to simply feel normal. Please take this advice...stop now and you will consider yourself lucky for never having to go through the worst of it....what I would give if I could take a time machine back to when i was 24 and stop. I am nearly 31 years nervous system went haywire about 3 years ago after years of heavy drinking and it hit me like a brick wall...I couldn't sleep for months...panic attacks that made me wish for death.....then i found benzos to compensate....big mistake...have been withdrawing for almost a year now off of them....they are worst then the alcohol......please just stop now while your body is still healthy...because trust me, the worst is yet to come...if you think prison is bad...that is nothing compared to what I am warning you about...I have experienced I know. So please stop out of fear if nothing else. I have taken up Kungfu after has been tough because my nervous system is still weak...but i would recommend you a tangible goal and self discipline. Has been a life changer for me...though I still struggle with the qigong part of it because of my weak nervous system...but it makes me feel better as long as i don't screw up and decide to drink, which condradicts it.
  8. Question about meditating each night

    But sometimes it is the only thing that allows me to sleep.......i am not worried about becoming dependent on it because o iused to be dependednt on strong sleep medications that were hell to come off i will take this dependency over that dependency any day......i am just worried about the chi aspect of it.
  9. Each night to help me sleep, I lay down on my back and listen to a sleep hypnosis track for about an hour before I sleep. This is meditation because i only focus on the track with no thinking. Lately, though, I have been feeling a sort of pressure in my head when i get deep into the track and on the verge of sleep. Will this cause too much chi to go to my head? Can this be dangerous? I don't want any chi in my head ideally. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I have been doing this every night for about a year now.
  10. Qigong...demonic related?

    Muscle tone is not the reason it builds up chi....if that were true weight lifting would cultivate chi. The last time i practiced qigong was last Saturday and i have had a really bad flu like illness this week with a fever, severe diaareah and yesterday felt a little out of my mind....i could feel energy vibrating through my body everywhere....i had a good 2 hour thai massage before the illness theory is my chi was stuck or was breaking through somewhere in my body and the massage helped release a lot of it and it caused this healing crisis....or mayb e its just the flu...but yesterday along with my flu sysmptoms i felt the same feeling throughout my boday that i experience during a strong qigong session at times...when will my healing crisis stop?
  11. Qigong...demonic related?

    From everything I have heard, the horse stance and other stances cultivate chi. I always feel energized from stance work unless i went at it too hard under the hot sun of course. I only slept about 2 hours last night so I did just 15 minutes of qigong this morning to try and replenish some energy/ I hope none of it gets stuck in my head. I seem to have a bad problem about that...did my brush downs and focused on dantien...also pretend my feet are weighted when i walk to help ground energy. I just want to know if anyone else here felt sick often the first few months of their qigong practice.
  12. Qigong...demonic related?

    I have another question for those familiar with much chi does regular kungfu practices build up? Because I love the stance work, especially horse, it makes my legs feel so strong and i feel low to the ground afterwards...if I do kungfu 5 days a week and soft qigong only once a this is pretty tame as far as chi building goes? Many thanks for any input.
  13. Qigong...demonic related?

    I did brush down........was really really sick feeling last night and even had to take my old meds that i worked so hard to get off of....for whatever reason, it must be too soon for me at this point. I did some research and found out that Kungfu is basically a hard form of qigong in itself and will get you the same result in the end just slower and many sifus don't teach their students soft qigong until 2 years later.....i will just practice kungfu itself and save qigong for later when my nervous system is a lot stronger. Thanks for all the ideas guys. But the3 ones telling me to listen to myself make the most sense. Something is just not right at this point in time. So I will take it slow and incorporate soft qigong maybe just one day a week at first until i get a lot stronger feeling.
  14. Qigong...demonic related?

    Practiced today and had a really strong feeling session.....felt like bliss...but now about 2 hours later...I feel tapped in my head...feel high and my face has turned beet red like a tomato......why do I keep having these weird symptoms? Felt perfectly normal before my practice.
  15. Qigong...demonic related?

    I am 30 years old. I didn't seek out is part of my kungfu training. What do you mean pre-disposed in life? Pre-disposed for what?