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  1. books on male sexual alchemy

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  2. books on male sexual alchemy

    Hey yah bums, (just kidding) I'm looking for some recommendations on books on sexual alchemy. I am a male so looking for something like that. Currently in my life I am letting go of some harmful habits (tobacco, cannabis, alcohol overuse) as well as taking my health and taiji practice more seriously. Looking for any and all recomendations. Thanks gang. Let me know if this post is in the wrong forum. Peace.
  3. Cannabis effect on Cultivation; views in CTM

    Hi All, been several years since I've been on the forum. Ironically it was the last time I got sober, and as of now I'm 6 weeks without cannabis tomorrow. Professor Cheng Man-Ching said that cannabis takes from the kidneys and gives to the stomach (hence munchies?). In general it depletes the chi, although everyone has different experiences. For me, I was smoking several times a day, large amounts and would more or less function normally on it. Long story short life happens, and I'm now coming to terms with the fact that I may not be able to smoke again, something I truly enjoyed. Recently I have been thinking about this in terms of attachment, and releasing attachment. I have lost a lot of things in the past year, and I'm realizing that part of starting where you are at and living in the present is both accepting the conditions of life as they are, and yourself, and also letting go of some of the wants and desires, even goals. For me cannabis was a part of my life, something I truly enjoyed but also something that began to get out of control again. The longest I have gone without smoking was 15 months, and at this point I am just starting to feel approaching normalcy. Everyone is different, and in general I treated it as a tool as well. Simply put, it will drain your jing and chi...but have respect for youself and it, and challenge yourself to find healthy ways of doing what you use it for. And also...be grateful for it
  4. The Source

    There are many ways to experience reality, and all of them relate to how you perceive reality. How does your son know the answer to these problems? Isn't the logical steps of solving math the only way to get the right answer? There are many other ways of knowing besides logic, perhaps your child has not been told that there is a rigidity to math and the steps are the only way to the solution. His mind is still open to many possibilities. There is a connotation of "opening your mind" as some kind of drug induced or radical experience that leaves you so shocked and ungrounded your life is not the same. This may be the case for many, myself included, but there is always the task of challenging and channeling your day to day perceptions and experiences as products of your own mind. To truly accept and sit with new concepts, new feelings, new actions, new experiences, that is expansion, that is opening yourself to the (im)possibility of everything. Change your world, and you change the world.
  5. The Source

    The source is the source of all. The Tao is all. Although our connection to this source may seem convoluted by time, millenia, forces of nature, etc, these are all manifestation of the energy of the source. We, and our thoughts, literally, are of the stars. I sense you are thinking quite a bit about the nature of your thoughts. An experience of the source cannot be broken down and understood through thought. Dualism may be an illusion, but it is our reality. I suggest dancing. : )
  6. Black Holes Suggest Reality Is A Hologram

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  7. Mentally recoiling from hypnogogic imagery

    I have had similar experiences. The imagery wasn't even that shocking, it simply came on so suddenly, and as soon as I reacted to it, it disappeared. It would come back shortly, but the cycle would repeat. I think a significant amount of "surrender" is useful with this. I tried to relax into the imagery (a woven basket spinning like a gyroscope), yet the experience dissipates. Hypnogogia was a fascination of mine, but recently I've been focusing more on dream yoga and lucidity in waking life, and eventually in the dreams of sleep. OBE seem truly fascinating, as I'm sure one would have to go through hypnogogia yet remain conscious until their body is asleep and they can exit it.
  8. Sexual Abuse and Misconduct in Buddhism

    I have recently met an acupuncturist who took a lot of time to tell me about the atrocities within Tibetan Buddhism (sex abuse, torture, serf slave). This was quite the shock, as I am attended a Buddhist affiliated school in the fall. I guess the conclusions I drew from this are simply that people will do as people do. Wherever they are, whoever they are, the same actions will ultimately arise, the same karmic seeds will ultimately sprout. Also, all large, organized religion will have many of the same downfalls and positive traits. On a side note...tulku...really? C'mon man, a grain of salt, just one.
  9. maybe it has to do with the Fibonacci spiral on the conch? i dunno. it's all very interesting.

  10. Mary Magdalene was no Prostitute

    vicious dogs sure come up a lot on here lol. Yeah, I think if you are a follower or interested in Jesus and his life, it's just important to recognize that he's a person. Not any better or worse than anyone else. Dude prolly needed to get buck sometimes too.
  11. World Liberation Day - May 5th 2012

    Lol i gotta say, I havn't been breathing any green light! Maybe I didn't get there yet. It is working really well for me, I am meditating with the Tibetan A each morning, and am trying to truly experience the dream like qualities of reality. Most of the concepts were kind of alien for me too, but I found if I took it slow enough they would start to make sense. For some reason this book just really struck a chord with me, and throughout the day I think about concepts from it, which I think help me to assimilate them into the day to day. Probably the most rewarding and motivating factor about this book is...well, my dreams. I dream practically every night now! Most of them are vivid when I remember them, and although they arn't lucid yet, the amount of lucidity is growing every night. In the past two days I have begun dreaming in color, and I have never before dreamt in color. Such a break through. Practice helps alot, and with this book a lot of the practice is with your mind, being conscious and lucid, and really using your imagination to experience that this reality is a dream. Is there any way to know which threads you post on? Because I wish I would have gotten back to you sooner, I just never know what I post on.
  12. Black Holes Suggest Reality Is A Hologram

    Physics and science of all kinds are catching up, it is truly a matter of time until the crossroads of Eastern philosophy/experience meet with Western science and logic. And well, shit would hit the fan but it's just an illusion anyway. I think all the doubt about our experiences will be quite amplified as more or less all people realize that everything is real/nothing.
  13. Guide for Sexual Exhaustion

    These things would appear to be important.
  14. Mary Magdalene was no Prostitute

    I have imagined that if Jesus were alive right now, Mary Magdalene would be the girl that Jesus could have over, laugh with, make love to, and tell his most intimate thoughts and feelings to.
  15. The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep

    It is very cool to hear people using the same book in their practices. I continue to struggle to have a practice routine, but so far this book is even helping me with that. I feel compelled to write a paragraph or two about my dreams the night before, and have been doing this the past four of five days. I'm also taking the book pretty slowly, as it is quite straight forward yet dense. Many of the concepts and terms are new to me, but honestly as I find myself thinking about karma each day, I feel uplifted knowing that this book has already affected me on the day to day level. Last night was strange in a few ways, I woke myself up sobbing for an instant and then once I heard myself I stopped. I have done that multiple times before, it is almost embarrassing when it happens. I think it was out of fear of losing a friend. A second part of my dream was rather symbolic, I was riding the train very far from my home, and got off it finally, and realized I had a long way to walk back. Yet it was IN my dream that I some how consciously understood this symbolism in my life. By the time I awoke in the morning, I already knew the message of the dream. I seem to have these moments of consciously realizing the dream state, or at least the underlying priniciples of the dream, yet I don't become "lucid". Another example is I was in my dream and began relaxing my vision to see clearer (something I do in my day to day life), yet I only remembered this the next day. However, in my dream I thought, oh, this is a dream, i should practice things I practice normally. Perhaps this is just my memory skewering things. Anyway, I do like sharing my experiences on here. This book is truly an excellent guide. Does anyone have any particular techniques they find helpful in dreaming? If I sleep on my right (for males) I kind of get into a more serious mindset about the night, mostly due to the book saying that is a good way to have more positive dreams. It's kind of like me telling myself, hey you're making an effort towards this, hi five.