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  1. Tenaga Dalam/Lin Kong Jin/

    The partial Invulnerability demonstrated in those videos is universal and can be found in most countries including africa, all of asia & the middle east. Nothing special there.
  2. Wang Liping Videos

    Ok treat time folks !!! Several hours of video lectures by Master Wang Liping at the recent seminars in jinhua. (Mandarin Only) http://v.26vv.cn/s_v56v/u46/v_NjY1NTIzMjM.html http://v.26vv.cn/s_v56v/u30/v_NjY1NTIxMjM.html http://v.26vv.cn/s_v56v/u21/v_NjY1NTIzMDk.html Enjoy
  3. NOTICE: Master Wang Liping 2012 US Intensive

    Oh my goodness thank you so much for this information. I was planning on visiting the USA in december for this seminar. God Bless
  4. hi

    hi some great topics here