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  1. Gluten and Neurological Diseases (+ Other)

    High level Qi Gong practitioners have utilized BIGU ( QI + no grain diet) for thousands of years as it potentiates the physical and spiritual benefits of their routine.
  2. "wheel" of energy turning in me - what is it?

    "The Science of Being" by Eugene Ferson states that the heart is not ony the central pumping station which takes in and sends out blood, but also is the apparatus which sucks in and out universal life energy. A meditation excercise called Star develops Qi flowing and can be found at
  3. "wheel" of energy turning in me - what is it?

    I think the main reason I was trying to figure it out was that I would like it to be "activated" again. Whatever was happening was wonderful, like I was going through a metamorphasis. When it happened, my Master came into my room and I asked her if she knew what was happening to me. She said yes and gave me a pouch and told me to smell it often. I should have asked her more at the time, but its been almost 2 months and I haven't felt it again. Must have been a healing related to fear, as Master has given me some remedies for Kidney energy which in Chinese medicine its related to fear and dementia, in the New Age world, Heart chakra is related to fear. I've had chronic fear & it does seem to be released now, at least at a conscious level. In my head too much thinking about it, best to spend my time doing more QiGong and will keep communicating with trees! Years ago, I took level One Nurses Healing Touch . Surprised to hear at that time that at upper level they teach communicating with trees. Now, I'm a believer
  4. Qinway Qigong

    I agree, and I still can't tell you what it means after going to the seminar. Master Qin would say that "immortal" means "to remember who you are, to remember where you came from" What it means in this context, I don't know and what I got out of the experience of it, I'm not aware of at this point. I just keep up with the program, as I'm feeling so great. I asked for more wisdom and her reply was that I first need more heart virtue.
  5. Qinway Qigong

    I just learned of this style from this site yesterday. Do they do BIGU? With training within the medical profession on anti-aging medicine and with being diagnosed with early dementia (I couldn't even draw a clock before Qinway's retreat 2 months ago) I'm wanting to continue BIGU on/off for life. It does for me what medical profession endorces, and of course alot more as the healing Qi goes everywhere. I wouldn't feel comfortable , doing it or teaching it, without a high level master sending their energy. Master Qin recommends doing BIGU for "maintainence" a min of 6 days month, after the initial 108 day program to reguvenate every cell. How does this other style compare? Would like to add, that I am new to all this, except 30 years ago I cured a non cancerous tumor with a style called Soaring Crane. It was not a medical QiGong. The difference between Soaring Crane and Qinway was like apples and oranges, as Soaring Crane is all slow movments and Qinway has a significant amount of guided imagery. Point being, they were both effective for what I went for, and I am not and would never endorse any style as better than the other.
  6. Qinway Qigong

    I should have clairified, I am on a partial BIGU, when one is on a full BIGU then it is forbidden to have sex, and I didn't want to do that to my fiance. I do hope that he will do this with me someday, as I share energy with him and am trying to release alot of medical problems. He drains alot of healing Qi out of me, Master says. Yes, she does seem to be the real deal. Very rare high level. One is able to do BIGU because she is able to generate a large "qi ball" and give it to you, plus she remotely sends you energy twice daily while one program. Her 72 hr 3.2 furnace seminar is just the start of a recommended 108 day BIGU program where you are able to stabalize that Qi ball she gave you by the end of the 108 days and enjoy health improvment and rejvenation during that time. Since my Qi ball isn't grown and stabalized yet, energy can drain downward to those around you. I eat a few cups of food a day, but am so full with qi that it is hard to eat all I should. Interesting, as I have a reputation for eating a ton of food and have never been able to stay on a diet for more than 1/2 day, let alone a fast. I would like to teach QiGong someday, to help make it a part of my lifestyle, but might like a different style . She does have an emphasis on spiritualism now as she believes she channels 3 high beings , medicine buddah, Qin Yin and a wisdom spirit, and believes she has a calling from them to open a healing temple. I don't feel comfortable teaching that. plus, she speaks broken English, so I can learn enough to do the program, but not enough to feel comfortable teaching it. I would like to hear if there is a similar program out there, but without the idea that the particular style is the ONLY way to enlighenment.
  7. "wheel" of energy turning in me - what is it?

    thank you, I can see how it might be difficult for someone over the internet to tell me exactly, but I did appreciate your post. I suspect that it may be something to help heal me, as I went to learn QiGong to try to heal cognative problems and it has benefited significantly these last 2 months , plus since seminar I have been off all medications and severe insomnia is resolved, back problems significantly improved and energy is extraordinary. But I was the only one at the seminar that had this "tree experience" and although most came for spiritual reasons, some were there for medical too. Unfortunately, Master does not like one to ask too many questions, part of the Chinese culture, I guess. Perhaps if I can just be patient, then as I keep practicing I will obtain more wisdom that way. If anyone knows of any reading material on scientific basis of QI, what it is, how it works, what it can do etc, let me know
  8. Qinway Qigong

    anyone else who has done a BIGU or now doing it that would share experience? I'm all alone in this, in my household. I'm on my 49th day.
  9. Qinway Qigong

    Yes, I have attended her seminar twice, once in 2004 and again this Feb of 2012. Yes, the website talks of the miraculous and seems abit "woo woo" as it is a reflection of the Master's (Teacher's) culture and broken English. I can assure you that she is authentic and high level. As a holistic nurse with training in Functional Medicine, Anti-Aging Certification, Nurses Healing Touch, Soaring Crane QiGong; in addition to various other seminars and private sessions in sound vibration, guided imagery, healing with music, and Shaman Spiritual journeying, the QinWay system includes it all and then some. The "3.2" seminar includes sun/moon and BIGU (being too full of Qi to eat) , which is very rare to come by. Traditionaly, it would take up to ten years QiGOng training to be able to do BIGU and one would have to seclude in the mountains during it. Master Qin is able to channel QI ball to you and remotely sends energy twice daily so that one is able to go about their regular day while doing BIGU. I am now on my 49th day of BIGU, and yes, this is miraculous to me!
  10. I recently attended a Hawaiian healing retreat to learn QinWay QiGong. We were instructed on how to communicate with trees. I was surprised to clearly hear a tree calling for me to come over. When I approached the tree, I felt tingling in my hands, then a force shot out of the tree and implanted itself , in a circular fashion, deep into my chest. The next evening, the jugular veins of my neck were pounding. by AM I felt as if something was activated in my chest, like a wheel turning. It was quit intense. I swear I could look downward and see my chest pulsating. I had attended this retreat in the hope of receiving physical healing. I did, and continue on the Bigu (eating, living on Qi) as I continue to release what physically ails me. Can anyone tell me about this "wheel of energy" ? This is wild and wonderful stuff.