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  1. Nihao from China

    Sorry Elliot, my replay was for Ansijia I wrong name
  2. Nihao from China

    Hi Elliot, I live in Beijing and I'm also looking for a Qigong master. If you find a good one let me know
  3. Dr. Baolin Wu / White Cloud Monastery

    Very interesting!! Actually the tale I translated is very metaphoric. It talks about "the art of the sword" and "the way of the sword". I think that you will find it interesting!! I'm making a translation of a book from the temple of White Cloud in Beijing. So the source text is very good I just need some days because I'm very busy at work!
  4. Translation of Lu Dongbin tales

    Hi everybody, sorry for my late reply but I was in Italy and I just come back to Beijing. First of all thanks for you suggestions. They are very helpful. For what concerns the term 灵宝 my questions was about his content and if there an english translation of the title. Thanks and have a nice evening!!
  5. Hi from Beijing

    Hi Findley, thanks for you invitation. On friday I'm going to leave China for two weeks. I have to come back to Italy. After my return in Beijing we can arrange a date, also with Cameron! I would like to start with qigong and neigong. Is there somebody who can introduce me to teachers here in Beijing? I know that there are a lot of teachers but most of them are in the US. I'm planning to go to Wudang in June or July, but I think that that place now is too commercial and expensive.
  6. Hi from Beijing

    Actually the book I'm translating is from 白云观. I also know that in this temple there's the most important center of Taoist studies. I will go there and ask some monk if they can help me Thanks everybody for all of your replies
  7. Hi from Beijing

    Hi everybody, my name's Sonia, I'm Italian and I've been living in Beijing since August. I have a Master's degree in Chinese Language and Culture and my degree thesis topic is about the translation of tales concerning the Immortal Lu Dongbin. I'm going on with my researches on Neidan and with the translations of the tales but since sometimes Chinese Language is too hard, I'm looking for somebody who can help and explain me the meaning of some terms. I would like also to meet anybody interested in this topic for talking and share our knowledge. Thanks everybody and have a nice day or evening whenever you live Sonia