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  1. TCM Food Combining

    yea.. Old Green - im a bit hazy on this whole concept- can you post a few examples of what a typical day of eating is? Something that's helped me is not eating after dark... so it seems if i was going to try this i'd have to get 3-5 small meals in earlier in the day, if I'm only eating one type of food at a time
  2. Qigong Grandmaster Yuanming Zhang - My experience

    his tapes are def. low quality productions, but i'm surprised you didn't feel anything from his healing. it was extremely powerful both times, and he seems to have complete command of the energy of the situation as a whole. now, following the lesson I basically can't stop meditating whenever something isn't taking my focus.. attention is drawn back to the third eye, heart, or LDT almost automatically because the energy is pulsing on it's own in those places. This was not the case prior to this week. Increased intuition and spontaneous joy and calm are the result of this. the practices he gave are powerful and something about them feels very ancient. Also I have been wide wide awake all day, usually, i'd be asleep by now, but I guess I'll continue to meditate
  3. Qigong Grandmaster Yuanming Zhang - My experience

    I got a private lesson from Master Zhang today. I don't feel right posting what he taught yet, as I haven't processed it fully myself... but let me just say it was very intense, he didn't hold back just because I'm a beginner, it is the real deal, I almost feel undeserving.!. Already I feel my third eye, heart, and chest starting to open and I've felt his energy with me all day. If anyone's interested in hearing more you can definitely PM me.
  4. Qigong Grandmaster Yuanming Zhang - My experience

    I should add, that my practice is definitely impacted (although it's a bit early to really tell). Did some SFQ after to see... I feel his energy with me for sure. There is a new warmth in my dan tien, and a certain spaciousness around me that wasn't there before. Also I started doing some spontaneous movements (not during the healing, I mean once I got home), only for about 20 seconds, but they were very much like the things he was having me imitate, and some of the stuff i've seen him do on video. I thought that was quite strange/interesting.
  5. Just went to get a healing from him - PM'd this to someone and was told I should post in forum - wouldn't normally be inclined to do so, but figured why not? -------- When he first walked in the room there was this gigantic mangetic warm electromagnetic aura around him.. incredible power. Very reserved, and humble vibration to him. then i walked in the healing.. he was sitting in full lotus, and i was to sit across from him, so I went into full lotus, and imitated some breathing and gestures he did. He doesn't speak much english, so it's more of a "do what I do" kind of thing. For the first 20 minutes it was pretty low key and I was wondering if I wasted my money... but he was just warming me up. Did some cool acupressure stuff though, that really opened up the chi in my hands. then he had me lie on my back.. here we go. He was doing acupressure, and I felt electric shocks going into my back/spine.. and my legs and arms started having involuntary movements.. similar to what I've seen on the John Chang videos, though perhaps not as extreme. This was very intense, and the chi fields were building around me. Then he stopped touching me directly and I guess he was just playing with the chi fields above me (dunno, had my eyes closed) and my whole body started to feel like a magnet. Many times I started laughing because the energy was so overwhelmingly strong/pleasant. Then he started working on my head, and I felt a tremendous energy in my third eye and crown -- he both touched them directly, and also worked on them without direct touch. THe healing was 1 hr long. It wasn't for health purposes, but just to improve practice. I'm going to get a private lesson on friday to learn a form from him, then maybe to a group workshop on sunday. I am a very inexperienced practitioner with a bit of GOT and Spring Forest Under my belt - excited to have a real teacher in town. Apparently he will be here in NYC four times a year.. good enough for me :-)
  6. I'm seeking diet advice

    Yeah - I understand about the oil, but for me the low fat vegan thing just made me feel like I was fasting all the time - which amkes it hard for me to focus on work on stuff. I seem to really need the fat. I also sometimes (when i remember, haha they're stiting in my fridge) eat some seeds, both in the smoothies or with the saute. Tofu for me is a convenience thing (over cooking beans) - also I like the taste of it cooked with the vegetables a lot better. I don't feel bad at all from eating it, so I'm just going with the flow I'm a vatta, so I guess my discoveries about cooked vegetables are accurate.. for me. haha But i wouldn't obsess about diet too much (coming from someone who has a lot, and I end up back where I started whenever I go to those extremes). Take the middle path. Just figure out what works for your situation, financially, where you live, and how the food makes you feel personally. Some people probably can't do tofu, but since I seem to stomach it just fine I let it be. I also found for myself that eating the larger meals earlier in the day had a great impact on my health... Better sleep, wake up earlier naturally with lots of energy... less of a blood sugar spike (I used to wait a long time to eat my first meal). I try to have green smomothie/juice type stuff for dinner now. The most damaging things I have found in my experience are eating huge meals, or eating a bunch of sugar. Those two actions seem to effect me more than any particular food in the diet. and edit: i wasn't trying to discourage your fast - by all means. It's probably the best way to increase your body's intelligence, which will make it easier to find the diet that works for you. I think the diet you end up with shouldn't feel like a lot of effort, should feel like a natural extension of you (whether it's physically a lot of work or not)
  7. I'm seeking diet advice

    Yea man, I've been thinking about this a long time. Here's what I eat (it definitely varies, but this is the main regime and I feel pretty good. You definitely might need some other things - I don't stick to this exclusively, but it's deifnitely my daily norm) Tofu Squash Greens (Collards Kale Broccoli etc) Rice Olive Oil Oranges + Apples +(other fruit maybe) + Greens (Collards, Kale, etc) in vitamix Oatmeal Also, I'm definitely on a huge budget, otherwise i'd work in more vegetables, use my juicer a bit more, etc. I've read fuhrman's stuff and I like it a lot, however I find I feel better with some olive oil, I don't hesitate to salt my foot a bit. I go easy on the green smoothies too... I think it's better for me to eat more cooked food, but the smoothies are great too
  8. Haiku Chain

    the end is nearing i think i've said all i can so I'll shut up now
  9. Haiku Chain

    damn, one post too late i thought i could change this world words will carry me
  10. What do people think about this..Is this healthy

    is it? This is an assumption as well. Is having a blank mind enlightenment? There's no way we can prove this one way or the other, as it's all intellect and it's not intellectual.. but it seems to me there must be more to it than that Edit: The ego can still be in a blank state of mind --- this is not Knowledge of the Self as one is still identifying as the ego even in the midst of no thoughts. To me enlightenment (in the world, not the concept of liberation) is complete disidentification with the body/mind (which then naturally leads to very blank peaceful states of mind at times, as a result). This is true infinite peace as one is not attached to a good vs. bad result in the ego complex/circumstances ^opinion
  11. What do people think about this..Is this healthy

    But who is feeling good? it is the ego -- this creates attachments to feeling good which then conversely creates the experience of feeling bad when circumstances change (i.e. next time you don't win the argument, which will break down your pride/ego). "I" is separate from the ego's fluctuations, happiness/unhappiness
  12. Water fasting

    Hey Spotless, why do you say not to even bother without the enema? Last time I water fasted, it was without, and.. frankly it was rough. I'm wondering what kind of difference this can make. I may do a 5-6 day fast as I have spring break, and this may be my last chance to do one for a while (this summer I'll be doing heavy mental work every day). I don't know whether to do water or juice. Did water once, it was extremely intense.. but that was before I was into spiritual practice, my diet was worse, i was very angry and in a bad relationship etc... All those factors are changed now.. So I'm wondering if I can handle a water fast. It's a bit scary because I shrivel up into a skeleton.. People ask me what's wrong with me etc. Luckily I don't think I'll really have to go anywhere during this fast if I do it.. but I'm scared I won't be able to gain the weight back in time to reintegrate into the normal world.. haha. If you guys have any advice let me know. I do have a juicer, but I kind of see that as "cheating" a bit as well.. ha
  13. Haiku Chain

    to know is to die daggars digging in my skin will help me awake
  14. Haiku Chain

    on public transport vacant eyes staring blankly take me home please
  15. Haiku Chain

    they know all secrets sinking into submersion waiting for you to slip