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  1. Free will

    Actually, it's better to *know* you *don't* have freewill. No delusion of the self, by the self. To think you actually have control agency....is bad.
  2. Free will

    Go here and read. Months of material: http://www.egodeath.com/ This section especially: http://www.egodeath.com/#_Determinism_and_Transcendence Oops, Science is finding out the real deal by accident (as Steve details): "The suggestion is that we become aware of a "choice" to perform a given activity after the body has already prepared to do it." The masses are gonna freak out....there goes the neighborhood! Very good page to read first (If you want some history thrown in): Experiencing Determinism http://www.egodeath.com/ExperiencingDeterminism.htm
  3. Money

    Astral wins this one. Nails it. Land. The key to everything. N55 in Copenhagen discuss this: http://www.n55.dk/MANUALS/LAND/LAND.html http://www.n55.dk/MANUALS/DISCUSSIONS/N55_TEXTS/AB_LAND.html Now....how do we fix this? Because, if every single person was "allocated" a free "piece of land", there would be reduced need for "money" (oops, we start to see the 1% man behind the curtain peeking out). I mean, this is your birthright on Planet Earth. It's literally been stolen from you by the country you reside in (concentration of power). In many places, you have *no right* to freely stay on the surface of the Earth. Nice huh? Let that one sink in for a minute. If you had free land, you could just build a small shelter and be done with it. It was done for thousands of years till *bad humans* came along and ruined the situation. If you live simply, you should be left alone. Period. Denying this is actively going against creation. So now you know what makes this imperfect world go round. Stripping people of "their" land has been done in many stages. It's not right and you have to call a spade a spade. PS - Taxation is ownership if you haven't guessed by now. Pay "the man" to live on *his* land (whoever he is...probably the devil in all actuality).
  4. Shamanic Qigong

    Dead wood. Perfect description.
  5. forest dwelling ....

    The Gospel Of Thomas is like a Cliff's Notes of the bible. It's all in there. Now why all the other stuff was added....to cause confusion? It's like the modern day. Humans go nuts and complicate everything. If you complicate "the law"...the commoner cannot even know what is illegal or true. So now you need lawyers and judges. Popes, bishops, priests, and ministers. Job security for thousands of years. The ones at the top can use this confusion to their advantage as well. Twist the interpretations and you can demonize your opponents in the eyes of the unenlightened masses. Bah...anyhoo...it's way beyond this thread. The more direct the material, the better, I think. The Gospel Of Thomas and the Tao are direct works that short circuit all this. There is no money to be made from the truth. It comes with it's own built in reward.
  6. forest dwelling ....

    Christians and Jews don't agree with each other at the most basic level. Who went after the gnostics with the aim to kill them down to the last man? What was their link to the modern "bible"? Victors write history. There are quite a few questionable stories in the bible. This is understandable because "god" didn't write it. The victors did. It shows you their mindset. And it's a strange one from what I've seen. But anyway, I don't really want to discuss that here. I just want others to research those two basic questions and go from there on their own. The man said it: Back on topic, hitting the wilderness is really good for you. You find out exactly what you *don't* need to exist. That's one of the best lessons you can learn.
  7. Scientific Approach to Practice

    Cancer cells are killed when exposed to oxygen. I'd say it's critical we all learn proper breathing. High oxygen levels in the blood probably have a "synergistic" protective effect. Diseases/pests attack weakness. Just like in plants. If the soil they grow in is full of the proper minerals etc., the plants are immune to attack.
  8. Anybody care to comment on my metaphysic?

    You bet Sailor: A Fuller Explanation And it's all on autopilot. Self-regulating.
  9. Why do so few achieve the results of Taoist Alchemy?

    I just did a little research on this. I'm "new" to Taoist/Buddhist "practices". "In Cloudwalking Owl's experience, the full range of meditative "experiences" -- e.g. sleepiness, physical pain, boredom, hallucinations, visions, psychic experiences, energetic phenomena of various sorts -- were all revealed to be impediments to "sitting and forgetting." My own understanding and experience is that it's not the experiences per se but rather our egoic attachment to (or rejection of) them that is the impediment. The ultimate contentment, satisfaction and nondual joy of "one taste" emerges as we fully allow bliss and agony, boredom and rapture, visions and vacuity, to arise and dissolve without interference." There we go. Hoffman details how cultures had/have specific ceremonies utilizing ethnogens. The purpose of these ceremonies was to defeat egoic thinking. Basically, to get the human to experience "what's behind the curtain" and lose the old way of thinking: http://www.egodeath.com/MaximalEntheogenTheoryOfReligion.htm http://www.egodeath.com/WineAndSacredMeals.htm http://www.egodeath.com/MysticInitiationOriginChristianity.htm Many ways to experience the same thing...and to have the same end result. Some ways are quicker than others. Just make sure what you get into is the "right" way, not something made up by egoic minded deceivers. Always test for true humility. Why does some of "modern society" reject these ideas and ceremonial (ethnogenic) experiences? Jesus tells ya: They don't want you to be fully "experienced". It's the egoic mindset at work. All glory and fame to them...none for the true individual experience. There is no fame in the individual experience. Just humility, it's own reward. Endless distractions and convoluted practices designed to keep you from finding the truth.
  10. Why do so few achieve the results of Taoist Alchemy?

    That's just like Hoffman says. We must get the egoic mind to reach it's limits and betray itself. It's a change of your being at the deepest level. It's good for you. He posits that entheogens are the quickest way to do this. Historically, this was true and widely accepted. I shortened your quote on purpose. It sums up many different human approaches to "truth". Get human ego out of the way...and it will be realized! People make up too much bullshit. This is a big topic. We could spend a month on it...
  11. Why do so few achieve the results of Taoist Alchemy?

    Found it: http://www.egodeath.com/DeterminismGnosticism.htm Good stuff.
  12. Why do so few achieve the results of Taoist Alchemy?

    There are people "locked in" the "matrix" so to speak. Read here. See ya in a month/year: http://www.egodeath.com/index.html Here's a bit of it: http://www.egodeath.com/practmetafreedom.htm So yeah: These "types" of people exist for a reason. The student laughing at the Tao is a necessary component of "totality". Basically, all this is pre-determined in a way. You will follow the teachings if you will. Only certain people are "destined" to. Hoffman has a page that really spells out the nuts and bolts of this. If I find it I'll post again. Whatever happens is *gonna* happen. Though people that realize this will be able to make "choices" of sorts. The people that don't take this to heart, and realize something else called the shots (the universe/original consciousness?) are doomed to just wander around like automatons. Don't be mad at them...they are just "the scenery".
  13. Scientific Approach to Practice

    Consciousness (the original one) is "outside" of and "surrounding" our 3D reality/universe. But small bits of it are "within" our reality. In humans. See gnostic writings. It can affect "things" as physical "things" are made from energy events. Read "A Fuller Explanation". But it's not a force. Can you measure or weigh an idea you have in your head right now? How big is that thought in your mind right now? How heavy is it? The thing is, the "idea" or intention can make energy move and make things change physical form. Among other things. There is probably a whole set of things it can do. We might not normally have enough control over consciousness to "wield" it. Or there is some other limitation. Unknown at this point. But there are a myriad of stories and legends alluding to this capability. But it's undetectable by measurement devices. Just like a complex idea floating in your head is undetectable. Jesus thought about this as well. He was puzzled about his own construction:
  14. Scientific Approach to Practice

    Now I have a question...similar to the questions raised by others here. How did the Taoists come to have this knowledge? If not observable or measurable by the normal senses and equipment... Did "someone" or "something" drop on the scene and hand this knowledge to them? Did all the knowledge come from "elsewhere" via meditation, dreams, etc? For example, Jesus came and directly explained secret teachings to his followers. The gnostics speak quite a bit about this. Jesus being part man, part "god" would have known this information. He may have been "not of this Earth"...we can only speculate. Sounds like some pretty heavy duty information. With a built in protective element. I guess I also ask this in a historical sense. Were there tales of where the Taoist knowledge came from, what it's source was?