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  1. Help!Calling Breath Professor JoeBlast

    Whats the amount of physical effort required in pulling the trio of diaphragm, psoas and quadratus lumborum downwards initially or is the descend manifested mainly through one's YI(intent) .I just tried your trick of assuming a train on the spine and move it between T12 and sacrum and it just lengthens the inhale So i assume its a combination of both intent and small physical effort starting at the crura on the inhale that deepens/lengthens the breath.
  2. Help!Calling Breath Professor JoeBlast

    So intially what should i do to get going? I am planning to add the breath mechanics in my kong jing standing practice. Any Psoas stretches prior to the practice beneficial? Where should i keep my awareness during the whole practice? At Dantian? or like u mentioned from crura to sacrum and back.Should i feel the expansion on the sides and at lower back on the descend. Whats your take on Ujjayi Breath and its activation of the vagus nerves triggering a relaxing response.? I think i saw on your thread that you relate the vagus to the elevated heartbeats and turning on the SNS.
  3. I have reread all your posts including the breath mechanics post and i have been busy joining the bit and pieces of what you have explained in term of simple to under stand way. Let me jot down what i have understood till know. Initially use the nostrils to assist the start of breath from the psoas/T12 junction.Imagining breath starting from T12/crura and end at sacrum and exhale return.After rote repetion,try without using the nostrils. My questions: 1)What do u mean by the "Forward and upward" motion of diaphram.? Do u mean that when we intitiate the breath at the crura/psoas junction,the rear end of diaphragm expand upwards first and then we apply a small effort in pushing it down with help of psoas. Is their any tangible feeling of the psoas moving downwards?? 2) Show we feel expansion on inhale near the anus/sacrum area or only near the perineum. 3)Is their a feeling of cool air passing through the nostrils when inhaling after mastering the psoas/diaphragm motion or you dont have any movement through the nostrils??
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  5. Hello from Gods own country

    Hi Guys/gals I m from Kerala(Gods own Country ),India Great to be in midst of tao knowledge wealth....... Thnks