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  1. Feeling Energy

    What kind of books do you recamend and thank you for all your help
  2. Feeling Energy

    I feel a current like electricity sometimes I feel it on my tongue when I am near a shortage like sticking a 9 volt battery to my tonge or when they check nerves in your hands for carpotunnel it zaps my tongue
  3. Feeling energy

    Thank You anything else you can offer would be a big help please read the new post in discussions
  4. Feeling Energy

    Ok I am new Hello My Name is Christa, I'm sorry I got confused about where I was suppose to put this post. I would like to go into a little more depth with my story, as I was saying before in my other post when I touch certain people or rub there arm with my fingers I feel a vibration, some stronger than others, I do this with one hand if I put my other hand on them it stops, or if they touch the hand I dont have on them it stops like it grounds them, another wierd thing is my boyfriend went to grab me by my leg just goofing around I was not expecting it and he jerked away saying it felt like he had been shocked from his fingers all the way up to his elbows. Another thing weird that has happend is while I was sleeping, my alarm went off as usual and I got up to go get coffee only my hand went through the cup and when I went back down the hall I could see my body still in the bed I could not wake up I got scared and yelled Jesus help me and instantly awoke but was so drained I could not get up for a bit. It was really scary and I do not want to tell anyone for fear they will think Im crazy. In my earlier post I stated that I am in a calmer part of my life and spiritualy more grounded, this came about after I was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation and Ehlers Danlos (Hypermobility) I need someone to explain things to me, I deal better with things once I understand them if this is something I can use to help others I am all for it, I just do not want to hurt someone without realizing it or understanding how to control it. HELP HELP HELP HELP PLEASE
  5. Feeling energy

    Ok can anyone tell me why I am just noticing this energy and why. Does this have anything to do with me finding inner peace because the more I slow down to find it the more crazy things are happening
  6. Feeling energy

    Alright I am very new at talking to anyone about these things, I have a question, why when I touch certain people I get a vibration feeling even through my fingernails, it doesnt hurt and others say it kind of feels like something crawling on them. But if they touch me it stops, if I touch them with both hands it stops like Im grounded, why do I feel this and what am I suppose to do with this and other crazy things are happening why? because this is freaking me out.