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  2. I Succcumbed

    You guys are disgusting, I am totally sickened by you and this board, all I was looking for was some true men and instead all I find is a bunch of immature yet senile homos with an obsession for anal games. You guys stink like the shit you dig from your assholes, and I wish you a swift fall into the lower hell realms where Satan shall satilfy your anal itches with pillars of fiery molten lava. Fuck off you all, you fake cultivators, may the hell swallow your ashes, assholes! And the same applies to the bunch of lesbian dykes who infest this place!! Die screaming, felchers!!! rosie
  3. Getting Polyphasic by Easter

    This Pietro guy is a bloke!
  4. Rotator Cuff Inflamation

    LOL! Just stop wanking or fingering the thing and most likely it'll go away dude! Failing that, just go Trigger Point Massage Therapy you fuckers! How boring!!! xoxoxo bye sweetie rosie PS: sorry karen i was meaning to quote the fat bald fucker below you ah!
  5. The History of TaoBums

    Wow you must have big guns judging by the way you talk. Care to show us some? Or it's all just a viagra high you're on? Any beef with Pedro or La Raza? bye sweetie watch out la viuda negra ur gun may go flop xoxoxo Rosie Evergreen Locaz 18
  6. The History of TaoBums

    Oh you such a sweetie baby, do you speak any Spanish? How old are you? xoxoxo bye Rosie
  7. The History of TaoBums

    OMFG I can't believe the hidden skeletons behind this whole site. Estan locos estos batos!!! ROTFL xoxoxo rosie
  8. ,

    I rather die than let the motherfucking doctors cut my ball off. But what do I know, I have ovaries LOL. Dude just don't let em cut the other one or you'll go to the lower realms for being a fool. Damn life, that whore of an illusion. Many a men chose death by chasing her. And, cut that crap about yin and yang misconceptions. rosie j.
  9. weak erection

    OMG! Gentlemen I am *so* disappointed in here!!! I joined this board hoping to find real men and all I've seen is nerdy guys asking for help re: their limp penises. I want my money back LOL!!! No sexual retention can help a cock that does not get enough blood and PC muscle exercise. So all you have to do is to do Kegel contractions and miliking of your peter (also called jelqing) and then meet a lady like myself for maximum erection angle!!! Do you really need ME to tell you all this ROTFL!!! Bye sweetie eheheheh rosy (soo disappointed today)
  10. Obama getting blown by red neck crackhead or?

    De que diablos estas hablando, buey peregrino? LOL! The polygraph test was set up rigged by the govt, check out Larry's blog , he's being very clear that the issue is about drug use by a presidential candidate and NOT about homos of different races sucking cocks of homos from other races. You're all so easily scammed by the government eh! xoxoxo bye sweetie eheheh rosy
  11. Women: You can't live with them,.....

    LOL look at this gentleman who cannot relate to what he thought a bit ago LOL! But then tomorrow you won't relate to what you say today what a joke! So whcih version is the real you? You don't know? eheheheheh bye sweetie work more on your image though you tough Pick Up Warrior!!!
  12. Women: You can't live with them,.....

    Your feelings are all so gay. Unless you're Japanese! You men all play the tough boys but then you can't keep it hard 90% of the times!!! Go buy some viagra next time you ride the tube you superman!!! Bye sweetie! La Viuda Negra
  13. What you guys think:
  14. Hurrah for the man

    Hey you there, your avatar looks so pure and abstract, then one reads at your signature and the impression is that of a sex starved lonely perv. Which is which LOL Rosy Ever heard about La Viuda Negra, sweetie? xoxoxo Rosy