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  1. "We have to reorganize civilization pretty drastically"

    The system is always reorganizing itself. I try to focus on how to use wu wei to make myself part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Joel, author
  2. [TTC Study] Chapter 43 of the Tao Teh Ching

    I found interesting parallels here to the behavior of water and sub-atomic particles. I found my self somewhat at a loss to describe how this relates to daily life. I was not able to find examples where non-action allowed entry where action would not have. Does anyone have examples? Thanks, Joel Stottlemire, author
  3. Hi All

    Thanks Tao Bum! Joel
  4. Hi All

    Hey. Elliot. Thanks for the welcome. Yes warm here too and finally a little wet. Thanks, Joel
  5. Hi All

    Hello. I'm Joel Stottlemire. I'm a Taoist in Topeka, Kansas. I've been following Taoism for many years now. Recently, I've been working on an interpretation of the Tao te Ching. I'm here mostly looking for fellow Taoist to give me some feedback on my work. Thanks in advance. Yours, Joel