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  1. No, I did not visualize anything, I simply sit or lay down then would put my attention on it ,eventually you do not have to be still but can move around and still activate it. It seemed to almost come spontaneously. The important thing is that my full attention was never on it, for example I am typing this and my second awareness is activating it right now even though my first is concentrating on typing.
  2. I have been searching around the Tao Bums for about a month now. I am 20 years old and have a few questions for those more experienced. I beleive I have activated my lower dan tien when I was 18 through meditation and when focused on it, it produces a warm sensation. Currently all I have to do is put my awareness on the dan tien not even in meditation and it feels like it is on FIRE! I get an extremely blissful feeling and spontaneous laughter may occur. Lately I have been waking up after sleep and it seems my dan tien is already highly active, actually it is active all day just at varing degrees. My real question is what do I do next?