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  1. Holy Archangel of Death - Azrael

  2. Your favorite documentary.

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing, guys.
  3. Your favorite documentary.

    Bump. MOAR.
  4. Your favorite documentary.

    Here's mine. A fantastic documentary on the shift in consciousness and transhumanism. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0PykgS42wo
  5. I'm going to undergo an iboga initiation this month!

    And thank god for the variety! Can you imagine if all we had was datura, amanita muscaria and benadryl? edit: Seriously, though. I think it's safe to say that there are definitely psychadelic "families" that all have their own unique "flavor", if you will. The tryptamines, phenethylamines, dissociatives, deliriants, etc. I wouldn't put the classic tryptamines such as LSD, shrooms and DMT in the same cateogry as Iboga. Not all fruit taste like bananas! But they're (almost) all sweet.
  6. Funny you mention ayahuasca! I'm doing an iboga ceremony this month. I made a thread about it yesterday.
  7. I'm going to undergo an iboga initiation this month!

    True, but I'm also basing this on all the anecdotal evidence I have read. On a pharmacological level, iboga is a lot different from all the other entheogens. It seems to act like a master homeostasis "reset" switch for the brain and nervous system. I'm in no way trying to put down ayahuasca. I'm just saying it's not exactly the most user-friendly medicine out there..
  8. I wouldn't even know where to begin.
  9. I'm going to undergo an iboga initiation this month!

    I located the guy after a lot of searching on the web. He is the owner of ibogahouse.net, and is a 10th generation bwiti shaman. After talking to him on the phone, it was decided that in my particular case, the ideal length would be 14 days. I will be taking the iboga at least on two occasions. Once to detox my body, and again for the spiritual journey. The plan includes a cleansing shower, hot springs, time outdoors, extensive 1-on-1 counseling with the shaman, and much, much more (in no particular order). I'm going on my own. If you're interested in hearing a detailed description of the whole thing, the video I linked in my first post explains it pretty well, since it is the same place.
  10. Venus Transit - Alignment of The Earth, Venus, and the Sun

    That video is satyrical... it's supposed to be a joke. lol
  11. Venus Transit - Alignment of The Earth, Venus, and the Sun

    I was surprised this hasn't been brought up on the forums yet! The May 21st galactic allignement (which has to do with this transit of Venus) thread only got a couple of replies.
  12. I have vivid dreams in which I am dying multiple times per week since I can remember. I think I've experienced pretty much all the ways a human being could possibly die, haha! It's no big deal.
  13. Scalar energy pendant

    I'm always curious about these things whenever the Schumann resonance is mentioned. The thing is, the actual frequency of the Shumann resonance started changing in the past decade or two, and as a result, you would probably be out of tune with the earth's resonant frequency if you did not update it each time..