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  1. Ah, it's the same old...

    I don't pretend to know anything and this hits the nail on the head for me. This is what has happened to me before ANY practice. It's why I wanted to learn more and to start on the road. And Buddy, I too am very glad you're back. This beginner enjoys your posts but wishes for your sake that you wouldn't need to feel the anger. State your case calmly, it's the best you can do. I'm listening
  2. Beef Tea

    Yes, that's right, it was supposed to be fortifying originally. Nourishing meat juices, protein for healing I guess? I think the salt's good because you know if you have an upset stomach you have to put salt and sugar in the get the balance back? Electrolytes or something. We buy something called Dioralyte now for that.
  3. Very useful to know Pietro, thank you. Saves me from spending money on something which is less enjoyable than root canal work
  4. I don't want to start talking about it properly before we've all finished the first chunk but am I glad to be through the Transformation from Philosophy to Organised Religion bit. It's good and useful to know but all the unfamiliar language and the dates don't make for the most thrilling reading. I kept thinking of Monty Python's Life of Brian and the People's Front of Judea, "Splitters!" but that's just me being daft. It's probably just the way the Chinese language works but the way it's written 'The Yellow Court Classic of External Images' lends it such gravitas. I mean, this is serious stuff ;-) Eva Wong is a very accessible writer. I'm loving it. I just wish I had read more before I came onto the forum and made a fool of myself by knowing nothing. Looking forward to continuing.
  5. Beef Tea

    I had a look, Yoda, and found beef tea in 'The Railway Children' and 'The Secret Garden', both very well known children's books here. Actually, I think I should revise the war comment. Meat wouldn't have been so available in the war probably. Pre-war and possibly only for those who could afford to make drinks out of steak.
  6. Beef Tea

    I am English but I have never had the beef tea mentioned in novels I think it was drunk a lot in past times (maybe in the war?) but now we have this http://www.unilever.co.uk/ourbrands/foods/bovril.asp which can be spread on toast or made into a drink. I quite like it! Recipe! http://www.iofm.net/community/recipes/Drinks/beeftea.htm
  7. Book Selection for March

    Xuesheng's talking about it on the other thread. I seem to be the only person who hasn't read it so can't join in yet. I might have a go at that at the same time as the Eva Wong and then can post if I get my mind blown (as his was.)
  8. Hurrah for the man

    I've only been here for 5 minutes and it did seem that some of the posts might have been homophobic. Maybe in the 'red neck' behaviour that you described. Certainly not from you Cat or Taomeow. If it's wearying then it's because you've seen it before. I hadn't. It's all new to me and I wanted to clear it up in my own head. Obviously that's aggravated you, Cat. I would like to be able to ask questions and would like to know where to do that? I learned from the 'man love' thread that there are differing opinions on the yang-yang relationship. Pietro showed me what I needed to know, so now I know.
  9. Book Selection for March

    I don't think it'll be popular I'll read it on my own, s'ok. I'm finding it really hard to find other Taoist books myself though. I looked through the Further Reading sections in the Eva Wong and Livia Kohn's name is coming up a lot but it's hard to find something which will suit everyone.
  10. Book Selection for March

    OK Moderator - that's a good reason not to read it in our book club then. Not relevant enough. Scratch that one!
  11. Hurrah for the man

    Yep, sums me up
  12. Book Selection for March

    So, is this the book selection thread? Hahaha! I'm easily confused. Both the books mentioned so far are great, I'd be happy with either, but if you want us to give a suggestion of our own to give a wider choice I would put forward 'The Tao of Physics' by Fritjof Capra because it looks interesting but I might need help to understand it. If this is posted in the wrong place, give me a yell.
  13. Hurrah for the man

    It is something I've thought about a bit. I can see the huge problem with wanting to be authentic but with us having entirely different ethics now. To be honest, I'm not sure that authentic is always the way to go. Just because something was done a few thousand years ago, doesn't make it the best. You can go on if you like, I don't mind. I love to learn. I know nothing about methods and masters and I wonder if we sometimes place too much importance on things that we can find on our own. I wonder what 'new age crap' is too? You mean just playing and not doing it according to the original teachings? I'll probably just annoy you because I don't know enough to argue yet By the way, I did overreact about the names that were put up. I think it was just the drawing attention to them that worried me.
  14. Hurrah for the man

    No, my ass feels fine, thanks. That was a very helpful thread and I can see now that there are plenty of people on here who aren't homophobes, which makes me more comfortable.
  15. Hurrah for the man

    I'm a beginner and probably about to get my ass kicked but I've found the TTC profound and want to try to live by it, I teach myself Chi Kung for my health and I will be reading the Eva Wong book in the bookclub to learn more BUT what is this about somebody not working with someone homosexual? A couple of times on the board lately (when people haven't been worrying about who's taking money from who) I've perceived what looks like homophobia. Can someone explain this to a European woman in her middle years? Also, lists of people's names put up and PMs being made public? It doesn't feel very good in here. I know - tell me to leave, that's ok. I'd just like to understand what's going on because it doesn't look like Taoism.